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  1. test.

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      Hey!! ToT long time no see!!! asdfsdgf Hope you are ok :3

    4. RainbowPowder
  2. you can find the full client here. http://www.gatheringro.ch/?module=client
  3. Ventus' wind step works on me..
  4. guys try fixing/cleaning your registry with ccleaner. it worked for me..


  6. Seyren x104 D:

  7. I think we figured it out now. I'll edit this post if its succesful. Ok. It's possible but super exhausting Rank B: I think 190 constants are too many. there are only 15 @kh_dun02
  8. Sorry if I'm posting again but I don't know if 156 tom yum goongs are ok for Rank C! Please correct me if I'm wrong or if doing the quest all over again with 15-16 characters is the only way or if there is another way.
  9. 158 Dark Priests on Rank B. I'm doomed
  10. I got this message "How lucky! [Your Bank]'s rucksack transformed into [Rainbowring Rucksack] !!" But nothing happened.
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