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    Vote for Points!

    Hello GatheringRO! Our Vote Shop received a MAJOR UPDATE! I'm happy to announce we will be introducing a new format to the vote shop! Here's how it works: Instead of monthly updates, our vote shop will now have different SEASONS! These seasons will bring themed vote shop updates with them , starting with the first one, our SUMMER SEASON! Seasons don't have a specific time table, so they can change anytime! These will contain 15 exclusive vote shop headgears, marked in the vote shop as "summer season". There will be Special hats added as well, marked as "Collector's edition", so make sure you grab them before time runs out! Vote for points, make a splash and have oceans of fun with this new update! Access our website and Vote for Points! P.D: Some other items were added, updated or adjusted, so make sure you take a look! FAQ for the new update By moving to a seasonal update, does that mean there will be only 4 updates per year? No. While we won't reveal how many seasons we have planned, or the themes associated with them, we can tell you for sure there will be more than 4 seasons. How long is each season? We won't specify how long each season is. Stay tuned to the News section to know when the season has changed! Are there going to be costumes added to the vote shop? The hats featured in the vote shop will mainly be regular hats, however, there might be a costume hat in the mix. Are these vote shop items tradeable? The trade feature on these items will depend entirely on the hat or item itself. You won't be able to trade some. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  2. Abril♥

    Vote Shop Update!

    Hey! It's <GM> Abril taking over the April news! There is a new update to check... a much anticipated one! New headgears have been added to our voteshop to go along with all our Easter gear! Please make sure you Vote for Points in order to obtain these EXCLUSIVE headgears! Happy Gaming! Cheers from the GatheringRO team!
  3. The first part of our Halloween Special has started with the monthly Vote Shop Update! Go get these new balloons only available in here!

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    2. Koxy
    3. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Thanks Master! /slur


    4. raphaelluigi


      pls bring back the metalring balloon and its original prices of 150vps TT 

  4. Halloween Special is almost here!

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    2. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Yey! Will there be some Pumpkin Spice? /slur


    3. Hersheys


      ^Only if they're account bound Pumpkin Spice, Vio. /heh

    4. raphaelluigi


      VPS update please /lov2

  5. A new Vote Shop update for the month of September! Enjoy!

  6. Pretty excited for the upcoming updates!

    1. D e M o N
    2. raphaelluigi
    3. Koxy


      When voteshop will be update Ms Abril? /lv

  7. You need to confirm your account via email in order for it to get unblocked. If you continue having this issue, Personal message me the details.
  8. After a few days into June, Vote Shop has been updated! Please Vote for Us and go check these 10 new headgears! Also, please make sure you stay after War of Emperium on Fridays, since we will continue having our usual Event Fridays ! Happy Playing from the GatheringRO Team!
  9. I am terribly sorry for the delay on the vote shop update. I had an emergency over the weekend. It should be up and running this Wednesday!

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    2. Hersheys


      lol it's not yet Wednesday /heh

    3. raphaelluigi


      oh crap I haven't seen that!!! sorry!/wah


    4. Hersheys
  10. If you can read this... Get Ready for another eventful Friday! In just a couple of minutes!

  11. This is awesome! Great job Khai!
  12. Easter Season is back! And with it, the hunting season has officially begun! Remember that boy Carlos? He was kicked from Prontera due to last year incidents, but he was recently sighted around Althea. Carlos is currently holding a secret? Can you find him before he runs to his mom in Payon? Complete this quest for unique costume headgears! Make sure you also check our cash shop which now offers 2 unique Easter costume headgears. Happy Easter from the GatheringRO Team!
  13. I have conducted a survey among players on how likely they are to buy/use megaphones at certain prices and occasions. Price has been adjusted. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. @eilemaamelie054 is absolutely right. I know @Hersheys is always traveling with her signature Loli Ruri. This specific map is restricted for pet use, or at least it was like this on 2014 according to this thread: Belphegor & Crash Fix Since the Belphegor reward system was changed, I guess this restriction can be taken off? Unless it was already.
  15. This was introduced not too long ago. You can find out more about it here: World Boss Guide
  16. Were you performing a full support role? This means you didn't do enough damage to Belphegor to qualify for a prize.
  17. I'll be flying back to visit my family, so I won't be able to come online! See ya'll in a week!

  18. Abril♥

    12th Anniversary

    I'll be online, holding events and celebrating this anniversary! Happy 12 GatheringRO!
  19. Hello Pete, First and foremost, I'd like to welcome you back to GatheringRO. It is flattering to know someone who is interested in joining the GM Team, however, there are GMs online (me for example). I've noticed you have already applied for the GM position in the application thread, we'll evaluate it and get back to you if we consider you meet the criteria. I'll be closing this for now.
  20. This is one of those odd cases where I completely agree with @D e M o N
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