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  1. Happy birthday Ate Aiz :3

  2. Hey are you still here?

  3. Happy Birthday o,o

  4. hoy lolo.

    Nasaan ka?

  5. ate, naglalaro ka pa ba? di na kita nakikita

  6. Jennn!!! Haha oo nga eh, naging busy ako kaya di na masyado OL. Apoc guild ko ngayon lols

  7. hello ate. San guild ka na ngaun? Di na kita nakikita Dx

  8. Akin na lang gamit mo ! D8

  9. Great guide, I love the coordinates xD Here is a map of the Biolabs I dug up in the net, I don't know if it's of any further assistance though =P Biolabs Map
  10. Yes, and each box contains different headgears. @Sapimoo: Err, why not?
  11. Character Name: Aiz Aiz Character Level: 250 Character Class: Assassin Cross EDIT: Did you pay the fee: Paid it with my WS
  12. I think that only works on Brute Monsters. You may want to edit that to avoid confusing other people. Great guide BTW.
  13. please read my reply !

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