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  1. Jennn!!! Haha oo nga eh, naging busy ako kaya di na masyado OL. Apoc guild ko ngayon lols

  2. Great guide, I love the coordinates xD Here is a map of the Biolabs I dug up in the net, I don't know if it's of any further assistance though =P Biolabs Map
  3. Yes, and each box contains different headgears. @Sapimoo: Err, why not?
  4. Character Name: Aiz Aiz Character Level: 250 Character Class: Assassin Cross EDIT: Did you pay the fee: Paid it with my WS
  5. I think that only works on Brute Monsters. You may want to edit that to avoid confusing other people. Great guide BTW.
  6. Cammy!!~~ Haha I'm on your <3 list xD Post a pic so we can see you!~ <3

  7. Too bad =( I guess we just have to wait for the next event =D
  8. Question: Is there any chance that the event be moved on a Saturday like the last PVP tourney? Saturday is like the busiest day in GatheringRO hence many players, and for some Sundays are reserved for other things. Just a suggestion/question though, feel free to scrap it.
  9. Thanks guys!~ <3

  10. Actually, any class would be used more efficiently with /bm. I play my WS with /bm not only because of the skills needed, but for item switching as well. And it avoids dropping your item when you're trying to equip it manually then it suddenly lags =P
  11. Yes, I am a Filipina.. =P

  12. Rawrrrr~~~ =P

  13. Put pictures, since that's the way everyone here likes it And you may also want to add that this is the quest for the Ship Captain Hat, just need to add a few more steps.
  14. Great guide! Now I know what's wrong with my SinX...
  15. Finally, a definite time when this quest will be fixed. I've been wanting to finish this quest but haven't started it yet because of the bugs.
  16. You don't input them all at once, instead enter them one at a time. And if you relogged, I think you need to repeat the first step in the room.
  17. Azurell

    PVP Event

    EDIT: I'll enter my Sniper instead. Character Name: Aizz Character Level: 250/120 Character Class: Sniper
  18. Err... I finished my high school back when I was still in the Philippines.

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