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Found 4 results

  1. Everade

    Jungle Challenge

    A man from Umbala just arrived on the fields of Althea. He came to search for an Althean adventurer who wishes to be a jungle man! Jungle Challenge Quest Guide Forum has been upgraded to it's latest version. Forum signature issue has been fixed, which was related to our new PHP version we were using. Banned a few more vote shop cheaters, including their main accounts. No mercy.
  2. Everade

    Yummy Ice Cream

    A young lady is upset because her Ice Cream that she ordered, was never delivered to her. How horrible! ): Help her get her Ice Cream delivered to her, and she may reward you! For more information on this new quest, checkout our custom quest guide: http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=9&p=383979
  3. Our special halloween event will end at the 20 November, enjoy!
  4. Hello everyone Since a few players asked me what to do with the Bradium Fragments, i thought its time for a Guide. min-Baselevel: 70 needed items: 20 Bradium Fragments needed Quests: Ring of the wise king reward: 3 Manuk Coins, Base und Job Ex In Manuk, you have to go in the building that looks like a Horseshoe (at 309, 322) and talk with the Manuk Eingineer Ask him about collecting Bradium and he will ask to bring him 20 Bradium Fragments. The Fragments will be found at the Bridum Golem. If you have the amount and talk to him again, you will get your reward! You will get 3 Manuk coins and also some Base and Job Exp (i thought it's about 40'000). you can trade the coins for some items: for each coin you will receive 3 pills of your choice. Manuk's Courage: The received damage of Tatacho, Centipede, Nepenthes, Hillsrion and Hardrock Mammoth will be recuded by 10% for 10 minutes. Manuk's Faith: Increases the magical damage on Tatacho, Centipede, Nepenthes, Hillsrion and Hardrock Mammoth by 10% for 10 minutes. Manuk's Opportunity: Increases the physical damage on Tatacho, Centipede, Nepenthes, Hillsrion and Hardrock Mammoth by 10% for 10 minutes
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