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Toads Player vs Player Sniper Guide

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You forgot the Sniper Suit, which is a very good alternative for a Valkyrie Armor.

Personally, I haven't seen any garment or shoes that was broken. So you might as well include Tidal Shoes + Wool Scarf combo as a good alternative here. I think you can research on your own with what advantages they have. ;)

I don't recommend using Ifrit Set at all, whether to an average player or a rich one. Sonic Blow, which seem to have a higher chance of auto-casting than the other skills, have an extremely annoying skill delay. I'd rather go with two Orlean's Gloves with Wind Ghosts.

Hey, typo in the Violy Card.

Nice guide, but some of YOUR personal experience and tactics in PvP would've helped improve it. Spill! :D

After all, this was about PvP-ing with a Sniper, ain't it?

- Added the Sniper Suit.

- Added Tidal Shoes and Wool Scarf.

- Well, ifrit set is good, but as I already said, don't use the resonance ring. Fire lord gives enough skills and that one is really usefull.

- Typo in Violy Card???

Thanks chadwick for the help. It is a PVP sniper guide yes.

Hmm Toad I was wondering why you didn't put Thana, TG, Hydra, Skel Work, and the Paper on your guide?

And as far as I konw, every str point add your damage, but 10 or 3 or so is add even more damage. Try it ^_^

For the boots, I also second Sleipnir is added too ^_^ and Tidal Shoes for average players (combo with Wool Scarf for HP boost)

For armor, use Sniping Suit which give huge boost to crit ;)

My Sniper isn't PvP type and I don't intend too because I've lost my quickness to be able to playing trap in PvP like my PvP-ing Hunter in an official server before =\


OWNED by Chad 8D

Owh, forgot about those. I added them, thanks for that, fire dragon. Also, I already added sleipnir to the guide.

1. Dont use both rings. for meteor assault and Sonic blow have cast delay.. meaning it gives time for chac to get near you! which pretty much a bad idea, just use the RED ring.

2. Pneuma Card. only use it against long range chac. i forgot to take it off of my sniper. once the LK attacked me all my attacks missed, by the time i was able to take of the card i died of coma. O.o

About the ifrit set, look whats behind it. Another reason why you shouldn't get both of the ifrit set.

1. without traps emp breakers will just run to ur emp. with traps it will take them around 3-5 sec PER trap, which is good for defenders to kill them, since berries and healing items are not allowed.

2. STR doesnt increase bow damage, just add STR for added weight for arrows and stuffs.

3. A lot of people dont know how VIT helps snipers, snipers in Private server need vit. cuz of the high damage that people do, unlike regular servers. since ur vit is low, ull get owned easily once a diff chac gets near you. having high vit makes up for that, so even if he gets near you, youll likely survive a few more seconds to arrowcharge them and double strafe away.

1. I know, I already eddited that part. I trapped for RiP myself.

2. What is it now? Damage or no Damage?

3. Could be, its just what you prefer.

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DS Spam Sniper:


Strength: 100

Agility: 150

Vit: 80

Int: 1

Dex: 200

Luck: Leftover


Headgear= Valk Helm (Donation)/DLH w/maya p

Middle= Sunglasses [1] w/ Kiel/Marduk

Lower= Gentleman's Pipe

Armor= V Armor w/ Tao/Marc/GR

Manteau= V manteau w/ Sinx/Devi/Raydric

Shoes = Sleips or V Shoes w/ Amon

Accesories = Ring of Flame Lord and Orlean's Glove w/Shinobi


You have to always use 2 Kind Of Weapons IF you are lucky enough to have a Thana

High Vit bow= Thana, Sk, LoD and V Rang

Low Vit Bow = TGx2, Hydra and LoD

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Hmm, this might be a guide for a PVP sniper, but this is more to give you tips about what you should wear. I think you can combind your own equips, builds and status. Also, I don't connect status to equipment, since the equipment is always the same, by my part.

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nice guide toad... this could help on my sniper.. :lol:

Thanks and good luck then.

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Rich gRO Player: Valkyrie Armor (It does All Stats +1 and does not breaks. Most of the rich players can afford this, but If you can't, just get any other armor. It has to be slotted, since that does works in your advantage.) / Sniper Suit[1]

Just wanna add, Toad:

Sniping Suit is for Average player since you can get it from Bow Guardian at thor_v03 -> I got 5 when maxing my Sniper here :P

Btw Sniping Suit's status:

A sniping suit is a specialized outfit that assists with muscle movements when using a bow. It allows you to lower the time between attacks as well as gain deadly accuracy.

Critical Rate + 6, Bonus (LUK/5) Critical Rate depending on your LUK rate.

MDEF + 5, Reduces after-cast skill delay by 23%.

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traps like shockwaves are deadly when fighting some of classes

Second this :lol:

*cough*no one*cough*can*cough*use**cough*skill*cough*

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