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Drhell's Archbishop Guide ( Support / Hybrid )

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Updated - mm / dd / yyyy
Updated - 09 / 22 / 2016 - Added Kades card

Plop !
Gonna explain my visions of ArchBishop, skills you need, items, basics, AND strategy !

Also, note that this guide can change ANYTIME, because of testing issues and results~

Guide will be in 4 parts :

1) What is a Support / Hybrid ArchBishop ? What are the stats ?
2) Equips ? What should i use ? What about Items ?

3) Skills ? What to use ? When should i use them ?
4) Strategy (Since i played A LOT, this is the way i see it, i'm sure not everyone will understand it and i'm sorry for that)

So....... ready to read ?

------------------------------------ 1 - What is a Support / Hybrid ArchBishop ? What are the stats ? ---------------------------

1) a) What should a Support ArchBishop do ?

Support Type ArchBishop is NOT based on Judex, Oratio and Offensives Skills, they ONLY help the Guild / Party / Players by buffing them (Blessing, Renovatio, etc) and curing status (Lauda Agnus, Lauda Ramus).

1) b ) What should a Hybrid ArchBishop do ?

Same as Support Type, BUT, instead of only helping others, he cast Oratio, Judex, Lex Divina, and some other Offensive-related Skills.

Hybrid-Support Type is, personnaly, how i play, even if i don't do big damages with Judex, Adoramus and Oratio, i disturb people, break their Casting Time, it can change lots of things in a Battle / WoE.

2) Stats ? What should i do ?

I'm just gonna explain what's the priority in your stats, since it depend on your equips, weapons, and what you do :

Dex and Int - If possible, Int to 200, then, you need to see how much dex you need (exemple : 138 + 14), in short :
( Dex x2 ) + ( Int ) = 530

You don't get it ? Here's an example :


Okay, so : you need 530 Points (combined Dex and Int). Don't forget that your Dex is multiplied by 2.
Let's say you got, like, 130 + 30 Dex

130 + 30 = 160
160 Multiplied by 2 = 320

530 - 320 = 210
You need 210 Int (example : 200 + 10)

It's the best casting time, don't forget to include Increase_AGI.png Increase Agility and Blessing.png Blessing when you calculate this, as you will use them almost ALWAYS.
Wait... why it's the best Casting Time ?
Well, there's a "Variable Casting Time", something like this, when you get 530, this Variable is at 0%~

Vit - Depend on your equips, if you have 220 def WITHOUT Angelus.png Angelus, get enough to have ATLEAST 500 000 Hp

Agi - Depends on how much Def and ASPD you want, since Agi now increases Def

Luk - 150 for Mandragora_Howling.png Howling of Mandragora (Genetic Skill), if you use 1579.png?nocache=585128627 Book Of The Dead (ID : 1579), your stats should be like this : 170 - 20 Luk (In short, you got 150, but not more, JUST 150)

Str - This will be the LAST stat you choose, it's only useful for Weight (Having Holy Water, Blue Gemstones on you, etc)
Note : For this stat, you can use 7776.png?nocache=1028510754 Gym Pass to increase the Weight you can carry.


7776.png?nocache=1028510754 Gym Pass are obtainable through Vote Shop, sometimes peoples are selling them also

------------------------------------ 2 - Equips ? What should i use ? What about Items ? -------------------------------------------

1) Equips 2326.png?nocache=67691097

First, note that this is what I would use, so it's possible you will never use some equips i'm listing.

Head :


Top -> 30100.png?nocache=938934623 Pimp Hat / 30027.png?nocache=1730305048 Lux Hat / 30164.png?nocache=1672503323 Prism ( Effect 4), it's essential for a Support-Type ArchBishop, since you won't do big damages, you will have to resist to attacks, and also, being able to restore a good amount of Hp, this will help your partners.

Middle -> Anything with a Slot (Suggestions : 2202.png?nocache=983507734 Sunglasses[1] (ID : 2202) or 30161.png?nocache=479349230 Noble Mask[1] )

Note : I recommend 30161.png?nocache=479803808 Noble Mask[1] if you can, since it adds 3% Matk, wich means you do bigger Magical Damages, but ALSO Heals a bit more.

Low -> 5377.png?nocache=1974605422 Gentleman's Pipe / 5521.png?nocache=878380677Angry Mouth (ID 5521, reduce After-Cast Delay by 3% if you just wanna spam)

OR you can use 30026.png?nocache=798353313 Nebula Aura (gives 35 Mdef, 2% chance to cast Support Skills), even if it's Middle AND Low...
Note : Using the Low version of this is ovbiously better since it enables you to use one more 4001.png?nocache=274892082 Card, plus a Middle-Headgear.

Note : Low Headgears can be slotted.
2nd Note : You can use 30104.png?nocache=7895502630114.png?nocache=42669386630175.png?nocache=617369226 Rucksacks, too, or Rainbow Sash (both slotted, also gives some Stats, thoses are Low Headgears).

If you're wearing 30161.png?nocache=1370742785 Noble Mask, or 5463.png?nocache=1102706278 Rainbow Scarf, be careful !
If your int is a multiple of 2, your dex wil need to be, too

Example : (200 + 22 int) + (138 + 14 dex) = 530
Note that 138 + 14 will be Multiplied by 2, since it's your Dex

Armor :


29008.png?nocache=1156240995 Brynhild, because of Def and Matk

2374.png?nocache=1313674753 Diablos Robe (-10% After Cast Delay, Heal +6%, Slotted, good Def)

If you don't care about After Cast Delay and Heal, you can use 2357.png?nocache=927203184 Valkyrie Armor then (50% resist to Silence, All Stats +1, good Def)

Also, if you can't buy them, you can still use some 2733.png?nocache=1686257825 Battleground Equips...
Note : Don't have a link to a List of them.


Garment :



2541.png?nocache=909268777 Asprika (Mdef +5, Flee +30, All Melee Damages -30%)

Yep, ONLY Melee Damages, wich means it's totally useless when facing Mages, Snipers, and some other classes...


2554.png?nocache=1702079784 Proxy Skin Fragment (Slotted, 7% Resistance to EVERYTHING)

Shoes :



2410.png?nocache=2101107090 Sleipnir, but also...

2423.png?nocache=427382523 Variant Shoes (Hp and SP +20%, 13 Def on Renewal)

Note : If you're gonna use Dark Lord and Dark Illusion Cards Combo, you can use 2436.png?nocache=1544297524 Combat Boots (Battleground Item, refineable for more Def than Variant Shoes, resistance to DH +1% and Slotted, of course), otherwise, it depend on what you want.


Weapon :


1659.png Light of Recovery +10 (or more), basically each refine makes your healing skills stronger by 6% while also increasing the cost (SP) of Heal.png Heal, High_Heal.png Highness Heal, Coluseo_Heal.png Coluceo Heal and Sanctuary.png Sanctuary

Old weapons (show spoiler);


These weapons aren't as good as 1659.png Light of Recovery, but if you can't afford one it's still better than nothing.

1637.png?nocache=1123004443 Eraser +6 to +10 (More MATK than 1572.png?nocache=940447304 Principles of Magic, wich means it Heals more, not slotted, MATK +220~, Sp Recovery +8%, int +3 dex +2)
Note that this one is REALLY expensive, 130m~ for +0

1572.png?nocache=940447304 Principles of Magic +10 (Heal a bit more than 1625.png?nocache=901359137 Healing Staff and 1548.png?nocache=636489086 Veteran Hammer +10 due to MATK, 2 slots, int +3, Sp Recovery +5%, MATK +160~)

Why don't i use 2005.png?nocache=722625728 Staff of Thea (also know as Dea Staff), even if it's effect is :

Recover 200Sp after using Heal, Matk +15%, int +6, vit +2 and add 1% MATK every 2 refines ?
Because i can't use Shield, and so, i get less resistance.

Also, you can use 7773.png?nocache=1427017242 Battlegrounds Weapons, too, Books AND Staffs :
List here -> http://ro.doddlercon...s#Battlegrounds

It's possible that " Mighty Recovery Staff (Bravery) " will Heal less than Principles of Magic +10.
I didn't test, though, since i can't buy all the equips and weapons~

Shield :



2115.png?nocache=1617212263 Valkyrie Shield (Slotted, 20% Resistance against Fire, Water, Shadow and Undead Property, Mdef +5, good Def, some Combos with others stuff)


2123.png?nocache=675468441 Orleans's Server (Mdef +2, Combo with 2785.png?nocache=1155613179 Orlean's Glove, 5% chance to Reflect Magical Damages (Even Skills like Storm_Gust.png Storm Gust !), good Def)


2162.gif Bible of Promise (Vol.2) (Mdef +5, increases healing by 5% in general, also with this you can use Odin%27s_Power.png Odin's Power (lvl 2), wich gives Atk and Matk +100 while decreasing Def and Mdef by 20 for some time). You should probably only use this when you need to heal or if you're playing a Full Support AB

Accessories :



Depend on what you want :
If you want Heal, use 2729.png?nocache=593296952 Diablos Ring
If you want to spam Heal faster, use 2703.png?nocache=1317347434 Expert Ring (-5% After Cast Delay, Skills uses 5% more Sp)

OR if you don't care about Heal, you can use BG Rings for Elements Resist.


Glorious Ring S-1
HP + 5000
Adds a 10% resistance against Fire, Water, Earth, Wind attacks.
[+ Glorious Muffler S, Glorious Shoes S, Glorious Suit S & Glorious Ring S-2]
ATK + 25, MATK + 12.
Unbreakable Armor
Adds a 10% resistance against Neutral attacks.
Increases Heal and Potion Pitcher effectiveness by 5% and Sanctuary effectiveness by 50%.
Class : Accessory
Defense : 0
Weight : 0
Required Level : 81
Applicable Job : Every Job Except Novice

Glorious Ring S-2
SP + 1000
Adds a 10% resistance against Holy, Dark, Ghost, Undead attacks.
[+ Glorious Muffler S, Glorious Shoes S, Glorious Suit S & Glorious Ring S-1]
ATK + 25, MATK + 12.
Uninterruptable Casting.
Adds a 10% resistance against Poison attacks.
Increases Heal and Potion Pitcher effectiveness by 5% and Sanctuary effectiveness by 50%.
Class : Accessory
Defense : 0
Weight : 0
Required Level : 81
Applicable Job : Every Job Except Novice

For WoE, you'd probably want to use the WoE Robe, Muffler and Shoes instead, because of the demi-human damage reductions they give.

Also, if you're more of an offensive type, the Judgement Set increases the damage of Adoramus.png Adoramus by 200%... sadly besides that, these equips aren't that good, they mostly protect you against undead and demon types... so yeah, unless you're fine with switching your entire gear when using Adoramus.png Adoramus, it's not worth it at all.

2) Cards 616.png?nocache=1405537225

List of cards I would use, and it's the only list i'm gonna say in this Guide, because it depend on what you wanna do

My Cards are based on Def, Resistance, Heal (except for Weapon)

Weapon :

If you want ASPD : 2x Cecil Daemon, or Doppelganger Card

Head :

->Bacsojin or Kiel Cards, Bacsojin upgrade your Heal, Kiel reduce your After Cast Delay

If you really want to improve your healing but can't afford these, you can get Parus Cards, it works better with refined equips though (and by that i mean +9 and more)

->Low Headgears :

You could use Dark Illusion Card, for the combo with Dark Lord Card (Hp/Sp + 10%, Reduce Casting Time by 10%) to get more Def and additionnal effects with Shoes and some Low Headgears.
Note that you get 10% more Hp/Sp with Variant Shoes, though

Or, you can use Status Resist Cards...

Or Element Resist Cards...


Such as :
- Giant Hornet - Reduce Wind Property by 10%
- Ghoul - Reduce Poison Property by 20%
- Giearth - Reduce Earth Property by 15%, Immune to Confusion
- Leaf Cat - Reduce Water Property by 10%
- Leib Olmai - Reduce Fire Property by 10%
- Permeter - Reduce Shadow and Undead Property by 15%

Accessories :
Alligator Card x2 (For a total of 10% resistance from Long Range Physical Attacks, wich INCLUDE some Magical Skills)

Shield :

WoE / Battleground 7829.png

Thara Frog (30% resistance to DH)

Versus Monsters / Endless Tower 13412.png

Hodremlin (15% resistance to EVERY Size)
Horn Card (35% resistance to Long Range Attacks, for example, Snipers Attacks and some Magicians Skills)
Flame Skull (30% chance to do some status effect, like Curse and some others)

Garment :

Cheap cards;

Raydric (20% resistance to Neutral Attacks)
Noxious (10% resistance to Neutral Attacks, 10% resistance to Long Range Attacks)

MVP / Expensive cards;

Kades (50% resistance to Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Shadow and Undead, -100% resistance to Ghost and Holy)
Deviling (+50% resistance to Neutral, -50% resistance to Elements)
Farbjodur (+50% resistance to Elements, -100% resistance to Neutral)

Note : For Deviling, it's probably better with Angeling, since Holy got resistances against Elements, but not against Neutral. Or, you could still use Ghostring, to get more Neutral resistance, but instead, any Elemental Attack will do big damages to you.

2nd Note : it's possible i'm wrong for Angeling and Deviling... didn't test.

Shoes :

If you wanna reduce casting time and get more Def, use Dark Illusion (Low Headgear) and Dark Lord (Shoes) combo.


Combo gives you :
Hp / Sp + 10%
Casting Time reduced by 10%

Armor :
If you got NOTHING : Bathory Card (You become Dark Property, 5% resistance to lots of elements if i'm correct)

Or, if you can :
Marc Card (Immune to Freeze, for WoE and Battleground usually)

Or Detale Card (Immune to Freeze, Mdef -20, BUT there's a 5% chance you cast lvl 1 Land Protector on yourself when receving Magical Damages... it can be good or bad depending on situation, but usually it's still good (in short, you protect yourself and peoples close to you))

Or Ghostring (You become Ghost Property, Neutral doesn't do big damages to you, useful for : Acid Demonstration, Sacrifice, and some other skills, but instead, you receive more damages from Elements (Fire, Wind, Water, etc))

Or Angeling (You become Holy Property, you get good resist against Elements (Fire, Water, Wind, etc), but instead, Neutral does more damages to you)

If you use Angeling, be sure to Aspersio.png Aspersio people who attacks you using Physical Attacks (Royal Guards, Assassins, etc)

Also, if you use Detale, be careful ! Magnetic_Earth.png Land Protector block all AoE Magics ( Storm_Gust.png Storm Gust, Meteor_Storm.png Meteor Storm -like), but instead, you cannot use Safety_Wall.png Safety Wall or Pneuma.png Pneuma on it !

3) Items you should always use 505.png

12333.pngAncilla :
Always have 3 on you, if you use Epiclesis.png Epiclesis, be sure to redo one whenever you can.

523.pngHoly Water :
Always have ATLEAST 50 on you when you're in Endless Tower ,WoE or Battleground, you need it for Aspersio.png Aspersio, Epiclesis.png Epiclesis, and some other skills.

717.pngBlue Gemstone :
Always have ATLEAST 100 of them on you in Endless Tower, WoE or Battleground, you need them for Adoramus.png Adoramus, Sanctuary.png Sanctuary, making 12333.png?nocache=729358613 Ancilla, Safety_Wall.png Safety Wall, and maybe some other skills i forgot.

------------------------------------ 3 - Skills ? What to use ? When should i use them ? --------------------------------------------

1) What Skills should i use ?

1) a) Effects you need to have, all the time

You need to have the effects of those skills on you, ALWAYS when you're doing something, it help you a lot and make you gain lots of time, stats, Def, etc :

In order of priority :

Sacrament.png Sacramentum (-50% fixed Casting Time, reducing the time you need to buff anyone)

Increase_AGI.png Increase Agility (Move faster)

Blessing.png Blessing (Increase some stats, useful because of the Casting Time formula (dex x2 + int = 530))

Assumptio.png Assumptio OR Kyrie_Eleison.png Kyrie Eleison, depends on wich map you are and what kind of situation

Angelus.png Angelus (Increase Def by a good amount)

If you're gonna attack :
Oratio Before Angelus, since Angelus got a big After Cast Delay, you can Judex Or Angelus depending on the situation.

1) b ) Other Effects that are useful (only do them when you have time)

Renovatio.png Renovatio (Restore 5% Hp Every 5 seconds, if you have 500 000Hp it restores 15 000~ Hp)

Duple_Light.png Duple Light (If you're gonna attack something without Judex or Adoramus)

Impositio_Manus.png Impositio Manus (Atk+25, useful for Assassins, Snipers, Gunslinguers, in short : Anything who has high ASPD (190+))

Magnificat.png Magnificat (Restore Hp and Sp Faster, useful when someone was attacked with Soul_Siphon.png Soul Burn)

Oratio.png Oratio (If someone is wearing Angeling Card, instead of NOT taking damage, he WILL take low damages, useful on Warlock for breaking Casting Time)

Sanctuary.png Sanctuary (Only if there's no more enemies, and if you REALLY need Hp)
Note : Exception for WoE : Sanctuary heals Emperium, useful after a bad defense/pre-emp

Epiclesis.png Epiclesis (Same as Sanctuary, but for Sp and Resurrection, too)

Lex_Divina.png Lex Divina (If you have nothing to do, and, best is, if you're already winning the battle, since almost everyone is immune to it)

Clearance.png Clearance (If someone attack you, like, for exemple, Mechanics, Warlock, Sorcerer, Rune Knight and Royal Guard)

Gloria.png Gloria (When breaking Emperium, +30 luk is useful for perfect dodge and critical)

1) c ) More Full Support stuff

Offertorium.png Activate Offertorium whenever you need to heal A LOT, basically this increases the healing effect of the following skills while also increasing their SP cost (+150% Heal boost for +200% SP cost);

High_Heal.png Higness Heal

Heal.png Heal

Coluseo_Heal.png Coluceo Heal

Sanctuary.png Sanctuary

Also, keep in mind that you CANNOT have both Offertorium.png Offertorium and Magnificat.png Magnificat activated AT THE SAME TIME...

But that's actually not a problem, just do your healings with Offertorium.png Offertorium first, and when you're done just use Magnificat.png Magnificat straight away to get your SP back.

Note: You might want to do that even if you use items to get your SP back, otherwise you will probably use all your items way too quickly, wich isn't good. I mean, you're supposed to be supportive, so if you run out of SP or items, you won't be that helpful anymore.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 - Stra
tegy --------------------------------------------------------------------

Note : Obviously, it's not gonna work FOREVER, you will need to think about the situation and change how you play.

1) Basics

a) Don't stay in front of your enemies

b ) if you're with 10 or more people, try to be in the middle of them, so it's hard to clic on you

c) Don't stay behind, but don't stay in front, too ! Always choose the MIDDLE, so if you get attacked, people will usually attack before you even see the enemy, and so, you can think about the situation and what to do~

d) If you got nothing to do, re-buff your partners and yourself, Heal them or use Renovatio on them

e) in WoE, if you got nothing to do, you can verify the room with Ruwach and Oratio

2) 1 VS 1 Scenario

Since i don't know what to do with all 3rd classes, i can't do ALL of them (obvious)

Falcon_Assault.png Ranger / Sniper :

Pneuma, Kyrie Eleison, Oratio, Judex

Holy_Cross.png Paladin / Royal Guard (Sacrifice) :

Safety Wall, he's gonna kill himself~

Note : This may seem simple, but it's not actually, you need to be very fast...

If you want more safety, use Kyrie Eleison.

Cloaking.png Guillotine Cross / Assassin :

Ruwach, Oratio (80% success chance, you will see him because of the Effect showing he got his Holy Protection Reduced) , Safety Wall, Adoramus, Judex, Slow Agi, Lex Divina

Note : If you are poisonned, depending on poison, only your Def will save you.

Tracking.png Gunslinguer :

Desperado : Safety Wall, Kyrie Eleison, but usually you die, they can spam it too fast.

Rapid Shower / ASPD : Pneuma

How to kill : Clearance (remove Coins/Spheres, but i didn't test if it was changed in Renewal), Oratio (always), Adoramus (Slow Agi), Lex Divina, Judex

Soul_Siphon.png Sorcerer :

Clearance, Lex Divina, Oratio, Judex, Adoramus, try to break his Castng Time as much as possible

Basic_Skill.png What to do if you don't know or if your enemy is too strong for you ?
Personnaly, i would Heal myself, and ask for help, usually your partners will come (especially in Battleground) and attacks, so when you can, get in the middle of them, Heal yourself, buff them, and kill.


Soooooo.... i don't think i forgot anything :o

Hope this helps :o

Have fun~

Note :
Thanks to those who helped me, In Game, on Forum (shoutouts to Koxy for the up-to-date equips !), and to all who did specials offers when i was buying for tests~
If you see a problem with images, please tell me via PM~

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Nice Guide I don't see FBH though...

*thanks i didn't know about principle of magic healing more than the others*

Well Organized.

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It's a Support-Type, FBH increases MATK by 10%, so it's more for an Offensive-Type

thx btw

Edit : Also, if you don't use a Shield you can use Staff Of Thea, since MATK now affects your Heal

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Updated :

After some experiences :

Eraser +6 already gives more MATK than Principles Of Magic+10 , so it heal a bit more (+10 should give me 280 MATK, +7 gives 219, Principles Of Magic+10 only gives 210)

Also, Sp Recovery is better by 3%, not slotted, but it's better, even if expensive...

Added Gloria skill in "When to use section"

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Good job! But may I also recommend weapons. Wands found in Battlegrounds. Such as Speedy Recovery Wand. ^_^ Plus, if you want maximum spam you should also consider using Angry mouth*. ^_^ Expert rings are also another accessory you can use. ;)

All in all, good work!

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Biggest Update.......ever.....

Corrected lots of things...

Added some info about skills...

Corrected some Equips / Skills names...

Added all images !

Edited by S4T4N

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Uhm farbjodur card is recieve 50% less damage from elemental attacks and recieve 100% more on neutral :P

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Edit :

Added a New Idea :

Low Headgear / Shoes :

If you wanna reduce casting time and get more Def, use Dark Illusion (Low Headgear) and Dark Lord (Shoes) combo.

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The nebula aura's +35 mdef helps in reducing a sizeable amount of damage from magic nukers. Global cooldown from any autocasted skill is tolerable. Used it all the time when I was still an AB.

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Gonna add it then :D


Edit : Added Rucksacks and Rainbow Sash

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edited your info about Nebula aura, hope you dont mind

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lol it's okay

Edit : Corrected Dark Illusions and Lord Combo.

In Short :

Depending on the Shoes you use, you get the effect of the Shoes, Hp/Sp+10% and -10% Casting Time.

Variant Shoes are Better if you want more Hp/Sp.

Edit 2 : Added something~

Edit 3 : Added colors, so it looks better~

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how about berzebub card?

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I heard it doesn't affect the casting time as much as it should...

So for now i'm not planning to add it.

Also it's probably better to put additionnal effects or resistances card in Accessories

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ouwh, thx 4 the info..

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Note : Feel free to tell me if you got any other suggestion, or need advice for ArchBishop.

Note 2 : Added Gym Pass, and an exemple for Casting Time Formula (duh)

Note 3 : Changed exemple !

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Here's some new arch bishop EQ while u absence. U can try or maybe something u can add up

Got from other player

Woe Set


Judgement Set


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Woe Set


Judgement Set


Are these custom ? Can't find anything on ratemyserver o_o

Also, thanks man :D

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Ah i see ! Thanks man :3

Now that's some interesting items you got there :o

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