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Undisclosed Love Letters

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Dear Bongun,
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You never came back from Payon Dungeon
But I'm coming to look for you..
Love, Munak.

Do you have experience in unrequited love? or do you have something that's been kept deep down inside of you that you'd really like to let out and let the person you adore know?

This Valentines, I'm encouraging you guys to write either a story, poem, song or even a picture/screenie of a happy memory explained with the story behind it. If you're feeling ballsy, maybe you could even make a confession.

Event Start: 20th February 2014

Event Finish: 6th March 2014

What am I looking for?

  • The most Heartfelt entry
  • Something Bittersweet
  • Tragic
  • Funny?
  • Love is Eternal (something that would convince someone to love again).

Rules & Criteria

  • No plagiarism must be original work
  • Must either be in the form of a story, poem, song, picture, screenie.
  • All entries must be posted in this thread
  • Must be from personal experience


  • ​TBA


  • Will commence after closing date
  • Each entry will be looked at by the GM team and voted on


I wish I had told you how I felt, but instead I spent my time wondering why you'd stopped talking to me.. I ended up dating someone you were good friends with, in the back of my mind I always wondered why.

It wasn't until you started dating someone new that I finally stopped thinking about you and started hating you instead. I hated her. I hated myself for losing you, but in the end I was in love with my boyfriend.

I had a very happy 3 years with him, and it wasn't until I realized I had destroyed parts of my own relationship that I finally understood that I had hit rock bottom. You were gone by then, you disappeared and didn't let anyone know why. I went MIA, and then one Sunday, you were there, I just wanted to know everything about you again. You finally told me why you stopped speaking to me and it was because you told him to take care of me, but he didn't. Now, I can only glimpse and try to grasp the small chances I get to talk to you, which is very rare. I hope you know, I still love you.\

Prize Check:

Archetype - Its Justin

namikaze - Fyria

Aii - ?

Nautilus - Biobob

kirito - Jin Ko

RHEN KHEi - Eliza JorieLLe

Steo - 42O

Valkrie - M a v i s

shiamia - Ganjaman TUNE

Malambot - Giel Mikael

saydieralph - Dimebag Darrell

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As you can see, it says that the prizes is in TBA (To Be Announced) status...we know that the prizes (especially if they are good) are what motivate you to join.

They will be announced soon.


You can already post your entries if you wish. They will be much appreciated. :)

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Here my entry, based on my 4 years LDR.lol.
sorry for bad grammar... :P

If we had live in Midgard
We can say that
I was here in a big city with all the routines and traffics, Prontera.
While you were in our small lovely hometown, Hugel.
We are far aparts,
separated by tons of fields,
missing each other every day,
wondering what each other doing every night,
but it isn't a big problem here, in Midgard.
There always Kafra, who can warp us instanly,
We can always meet whenever we want.
But it's not Midgard, It's a reality,
No kafra here, and yes, we are far apart.
What I do every day just missing you and thinking of you
What I do every night just wondering what are you doing
There are tons of question in my minds when it comes to you
"Were you doing well there?"
"Were you thinking of me like I did?"
"Were you missing me like I did?"
Well, no one can even answer that questions of mine.
Even when you told me
"Yes, I did well"
"Yes, I do thinking of you in my day"
and "Yes, I do missing you like you do"
that can't answer my questions because of my next question
"How if you are lying to me?"
I wouldn't know if you do
But the only thing that I can do is
to put my trust and faith into our love
Into the love that we keep
Into the love that we promised
Into the love in our hearts
Eventhough we are far apart,our love will never lie.

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~A poem for A~

It happened in april of 2008

a being of light had crossed my sight

I served her charm on a silvery plate

and over the night our love would ignite

Together we spent the most valuable years

it never was tough, our bond could'nt scuff

I gave up my sight and I covered my ears

wearing a cuff which was made out of fluff

But one day I sensed a different feel

the always foregone, she seemed to yawn

I had become lazy, put the hand down the wheel

realizing the dawn had now been withdrawn

Out of despair I went back to my roots

down in the smoke, was there heat left to 'voke?

I started my plays and I opened the chutes

with every joke she re-lifted her cloak

Fortuna had saved me from these raging cliffs

by having felt pain like a strangling chain

I have learned my lessons, I accepted the gifts

now it must be insane to think love can't remain.



~for A.

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But what goes on with me, today?

My heart is so light, swings and sways!


Elevated I am, in the eyes of reason,

In the eyes of love, beyond room or season!


Alas that I am in the dusts’ cage

But surely, I own the eon and the age!


Look at me, see how playful I ride

On the saddle of fate, Earth-bond I glide!


If the wheel of fortune, of burdens shies away

Upon the might of love, I’ll carry all that weighs!


From the flames, inside of my chest

I set ablaze the stones’ frozen breast!


From the bliss and the purity of Him

sweetened is my voice, soaring to the rim!

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This is my entry. A letter that I dedicate to someone I dearly know.


I have not seen you since a month,
I've seen of the new moon, but none of your familliar face,
I have seen days go by, Faces fly by.. but none of your trace...
Like the sands of time my heart is at its peices, broken so small the grains lay waste...
I miss you like all the flowers of the world misses how spring carresses the dim of fall...
The long spring days, it's mists rising..
Before I know it has turned to twilight,
and the heart that crowds my chest hurts me so by the absence of one whom I love,
No words can exact the feeling of a bottomless void that is unfillable by a missing peice,
A peice that will certainly give this dark abyss greater peace.
If one whom I love would return, A meaning of life, hope rekindled will be earned.
But by this letter alone would not be able to reach where you are,
I pray to the maker that atleast it will make you feel my longing for you from afar.
Now my love, my letter has to end,
With the light and dark on the horizon now ablend,
Take care of my heart who yours to present, to a higher power best to befriend.
In the midst of my ferocity to your love divine,
Being with you for a day will be all but not a dime,
For a love thats far and fragile,
I close my eyes, adrift from realities defile,
I am pleased to wander, with the memories of you I stand alone and remain yours,
The Ranger of your heart,

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24/7 Love & Tragedy

Based on experience :c

Monday when you and I first met,

Tuesday when I saw you again, and the closer we get.

Wednesday you came to my office, and told me these sweet words "I WANNA BE WITH YOU"I LOVE YOU",

Thursday I told you " I LOVE YOU TOO".

Friday it was full of love and happiness all along,

Our hearts seemed to be singing a sweet sweet song.

Satuday We had a little misunderstanding,

and I realized that you were only lying.

Sunday i saw you running away and leaving,

and asked you why? you told me when you said you love you were only lying.

In a flash you came,

Sooner than a minute you left me with shame.

We slept you were lying next to me,

but you are gone when I woke up, you only used for me your fantasy.

You made me feel that your love is so real,

but you left me and made me cold as steel.

Monday you showed me love and the love began,

Sunday you stabbed the hell out of me, and the love was gone.

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My Hearts Desire

You are all that I crave,
For you I became a slave

I seek you for hours,
To abuse my burning powers

Move as fast as I can,
Only to be overran

My will begins to fade,
My connection has become delayed

I then see a glimmer of light,
Through a crowd I do fight

Throw down my last trap,
Two crystals with no gap

The screen is dark and distorted,
From the mine I'm deported

I inspect my inventory,
This day has ended with glory

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My best friend introduced us. Didn't really think of much considering you were his girlfriend, in my mind you were off limits. 6 months of all three of us hanging out together changed that. I was deeply in love, and very depressed. He treated you horribly, and you knew that. But you were still with him. I thought you were going to stop talking to me that day that i told you i had feelings for you, and was very surprised to know that you liked me too. I felt so good about myself finally. I'm sorry about the party at my house, things shouldn't have ended up that way, but i can't stand your boyfriend anymore. It was wrong of me to stop talking to him all at once, and i felt like you were having to choose someone. That wasn't my intention at all. But as soon as you told me you broke up with him, i couldn't just stay at home.

That night actually gave me hope that we could have a future together. We were the cutest couple ever, even all of your friends agreed. But you still kept talking to him. Leaving in the middle of days we planned to do stuff. That's when i realized this was nothing more than a dream. I told you i needed a few days, to get my head straight. After two days i tried calling you, no answer. Texted you, no reply. You broke me. You broke my heart. I couldn't even talk to a girl for more than a week before shutting them out. You made me so insecure. But i still love you for some reason, even though i can't look at you. You were my first love, and i will never forget you. You will always have a special place in my heart. I love you Elizabeth

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I always blame you
When I see the dew on the leaves dry
I always blame you
When I see the candle light began to fade
And ..... I always blame you
When I see gulls began to fall and exhausted through the air
But .......
Now I realize
You're trying to form dew replacement pobud
always trying to keep the candle light
And always trying to displace gulls to wade through the sky
My biggest mistake
Are wasting your
Once I realized
And waking up from a long sleep
I realize you no longer exist
Your dimensions and im have different dimensions
You and I
Different space and time
Your physical body is gone
With you moments ago
I hate to waste it
And after you're gone
I spend the rest of my life to love you
And tormented by a sense of sorrow

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Dear Love : you don't have to wear beautiful dress. to be beautiful in my eyes
you don't have to go on a diet to have a perfect body. all you need is to stay simple .
you are everything that i have. and i don't wish for anything. all i need is to stay with me <3

i remember the day that you said yes.. that was the most beautiful thing that happen to my life.
i never felt sorry for loving you , cause you gave the love care sweetness loyal and trust to me.
you teach me to love. you gave happiness to me.you were always there when i have a problems.
you teach me crazy things. like smelling your armpit. shouting your name on the rooftop.
like doing what you do. saying what you say.
and show me that living in this world is awesome. yeah its totally awesome to be with you.
thanks for cooking a lunch for me. when i am in school days.

even though your not perfect. even though you have fats. even though your strict and kind of emo.
i will accept you no matter what negatives will come out to you :D cause i love you. i love the way you walk.
the way you smile. the way you treat me. the way you talk. i love your eyes. i love you for who you are.
and i'm proud to be part of your happy life.

i love you my angel. and sooner i'll make sure that i am the first man to say.
will you marry me :D


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Come my love sit on the couch,
And let me sit at your feet,
Let me rest my head on your lap,
While you smooth it.
Give me kiss on the forehead,
Let me die of it .
Let the soul be free to wander,
In the joyous serene.

Hold my hand and tread
With me,wild
In the woods and valleys green,
Lo the treasure of the creator
Let me see you, seeing it.
Let me see the god
Through your vision.
Let me live in peace.
Let me feel the treasure
through your senses
And fill the soul with pleasure.
Be on the joyous ride forever,
And let me live in peace,
Don't call me back to the world,
Let me live in the happiness forever,
Let me live in peace

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Strangers to Lovers and now GatheringRO Players

I met him through my cousin and we became goodfriends, txtmate and turned into lovers but suddenly it didnt work out so we broke up and our communication ended.

Years had past and we start communicating again and were good friends but we didnt meet each other.

Until then he planned to court me and it didnt took him so long to court me because we became lovers again..

Now i believe that "love is more sweeter the second time around". İt was so hard for me because i was just 16 and he was 23.

Weve been through challenges goodtimes and bad. But we still tried to be strong..

My greatest hate was when he was playing online games like ragnarok! İ felt like i was taken for granted because he didnt text me.

He sleep late at night because of playing ragnarok and we always fight because of it. But one time he was playing ragnarok and i was there at the back.

İ was wondering how to play it and turned out that he was teaching me how to play ragnarok. And now we still fight because of ragnarok because he dont want me to

substitute because he was still playing.

So our past time now is ragnarok.. Weve been 5 months now and still counting and playing ragnarok..

Posted by: Maganda ft. Giel Mikael, Just using his forum account :)

And BTW this ragnarok is GatheringRO :)

Goodluck to all of us.. and may the best story win :)
IGN: Giel Mikael and Maganda

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Life's a bitch!

(This story you're about to read may not be that epic, but surely it made a great impact in my life.)

It's been years now since I met this girl. We're both in college that time. It was one of those cosmically aligned moments when I met her. The connection was instant and undeniable. I was shy and so she was. We never talk or even smiled at each other for about a 3 weeks. It took a month and half for us to know each other. Thanks to a common friend! After months of awkward of moments, we then started to hangout with friends. Exchanged text messages and calls and having lunch and dinner together. And then I courted her. :)

We had that "MU" thingy the whole time I was courting her. It took several months to make her say yes but that it's not important because as they say, true love waits. :) But being in a relationship wasn't that easy. I'm sure everyone knows that including you GM. :) I learned so many vices and there were a lot of temptations that ruined our relationship. Temptations from friends. online games and alcohol etc. I even said mean words to her that made her feel useless and make distance and step away from me. We always argue and argue for always same reasons. And then she broke up with me. But I was so confident that she will come back anytime and chase me. But she didn't. I transferred school a year after we broke up.

It was too late for me to know that she's dating another guy that time. :( Then regrets began hunting me. Realizations are all over my head that left me crying each item I think of her and how I treated her when she was still mine. Just like in the song, I was "too young, too dumb to realize." I kept on texting her, leaving her messages on Facebook but I didn't got a reply. I told her to give me another chance but she said, "let's just be friends, good friends." I was so bitter. No pride left in me. Always begging and hoping for her another chance but she replaced me. Until now, I still stalk her but she seemed very happy unlike the days when we are still together.

We really only realize the worth of our love ones if they're already gone. It hurts to love someone who doesn't love you back anymore. It feels shit to be rejected and really hurts to be replaced. :(

So what would do if you find yourself in a similar situation as loving someone who didn't chose you. Or who left you. Or who doesn't love you as much as you love them, you must let them go. And you must trust that there is something greater and better at work for you. And then you must look at all the reasons that person came into your life. And all the things they taught you about yourself. And realize that maybe they came into your life, not to be there forever, but to teach you something that will make you ready when forever finds you. It's hard. I know this.

There hasn't been a day that's passed the last two years when I've not thought of her. Maybe that will always be the case, I don't know. But the year of heart-brokenness, and pain, and tears, and emptiness has finally passed. And it will for you too. :(

The lessons she taught me about myself, and the awakening I had about my life, my past, the way I love and seek love, all of those things are priceless. They are the reason I was able to write my memoir. Able to finally find happiness inside myself instead of seek it in a woman. She raised the bar to a level I never thought I could expect, and she softened a heart that was quickly growing cold. For all those reasons I'll love her always. But over time I've been able to let her as a person go, and still hold on to those qualities and realize that maybe they will manifest in someone even more perfect. And even if they don't I will be okay.

And lastly, if she really is my sole mate, then time and age and distance and life wont matter. Somehow, someway, someday, she may reappear. But that's not what I focus on. There's nothing I can do to make that happen. I've learned through trial and error that the only love I want in my life is one that is equally unmatched and where equal sacrifice is made, and until that is the case chasing after it will do no good.


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Event has ended and judging will commence shortly.

Results will be posted asap.

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