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Monthly Screenshot Event

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Ye' feel like doin' that photography thinggy?
Well here's your chance to show your talent.
Join the Gathering RO monthly screenie event!
You can show Rune Midgard how creative and unique you can be!

Sample Post:
Alone in the Whites


IGN: <GM> Ren

Important notice:
Double posting will be dealt with appropriate punishment

Special thanks to <GM> Shuichi for the graphics

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September 2014 Winners:

  • 1st place: Ken's Of Smoke and Dust
  • 2nd: D e M o N's September Serenade
  • 3rd: adikro15's The Beginning of a Long Journey

October 2014 Winners:

  • 1st place: TailZ's Nobody is safe...On Friday the 13th... ign: Tailz
  • 2nd: Aii's Let's get rid this walkers! -TWD- ign: Jessica Mila
  • 3rd: D e M o N's The Exorcist, 1973 -Vomit Projectile- ign: Violentia

January 2015 Winners:

  • 1st place: Aii's Happy New Year, Onee Chan!- ign: Jessica Mila
  • 2nd: D e M o N's Celebrating with a BIG BANG!!- ign: Violentia
  • 3rd: Killer Wing's Late Noche Buena Hunting for players in GRO!!!- ign: HunterKiller

All Winners Will be contacted via ingame or forums message on forums regarding the rewards., thank you.

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Hi guys, the screenie event for january is now open, you can submit your entries

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