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Woe, Bg Suggestions And More

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Dear GMs,

Since most players only go online during WoE periods, I would like to suggest, if possible, to make it 3 time a week, maybe Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

This way, a lot of players will have a reason to go online frequently. Offering a guild pack for a starting group is also an effective idea to invite more people.

The castle drops also are no longer interesting. I suggest you put something that is beneficial for every member of the guild, like a 'salary' after a hard-fought battle.
Instead of putting useless loots along with the ingredients, placing food buffs, consumables and zeny to the treasure boxes is a great way to attract players to

participate WoE.

Also, it would be nice if BG weapons/equipment will be become 'noticeably' useful so that people will become active on battlegrounds again.
This server deserves to remain online. Thank you and more power GatheringRO!

P.S. I'm really excited for the custom WoE arena. I hope it gets implemented soonest. TY! :)

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up in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P


1. Make woe 1 and woe 2 time 16:00 - 18:00 if possible so I can play on Saturdays :)))

2. Usable items at guild treasure boxes (as mentioned above).

3. 3x WOE per week :)))

4. Make the WOE guardians as strong as werewolf!!!!!!! (this would be crazy shit!!!!!!!!!!!! and alot of fun if you ask me!!!!)

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