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Alchemist Skill Tree?


I'm not sure whether or not to put this here or in the ingame support because it fits both.

My Genetic is capped, but there are two skills on my 2nd Branch unfilled, even though I know I put points into them.

Its Illusion Duping and Full Throttle.

Twice I put 5 points into each and clicked to apply it, and twice did it take my points but the skill is still unavailable for use.

Is this normal, a bug, a glitch or what?

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AFAIK, Full Throttle is a new skill for 3rd class job (all class). But its currently not implemented (yet) on gRO.

Full Throttle
Prereq: 3rd Job
Max Levels: 5
Exceed the limits of the body by sacrificing your own vitality to strengthen yourself for a short time.
You will become horribly exhausted after the skill's duration.
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration.
All stats +20%.

After the skill duration ends, you will be inflicted with "Rebound" status.
During "rebound status", your movement speed is lowered and your natural HP/SP recovery is disabled.

Cannot be removed by dispel or clearance.

[Level 1]: 10 second duration / Consumes 6% HP/SP per second
[Level 2]: 15 second duration / Consumes 4% HP/SP per second
[Level 3]: 20 second duration / Consumes 3% HP/SP per second
[Level 4]: 25 second duration / Consumes 2% HP/SP per second
[Level 1]: 30 second duration / Consumes 1% HP/SP per second

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