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Kai Yagami

Quest Fail - Ring Of The Wise King Quest

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The quest to getting the Ring of the Wise King (http://irowiki.org/wiki/Ring_of_the_Wise_King) cannot be done, cause there is a problem to get past the part of the Red/Blue Jewel (you can´t get them both/one dissapears/etc) and this problem isn´t solved for a couple of years (I looked in the forum an lots of people got the same issue)
I want the Ring so I can´t make the chained quests.....
but there isn´t a way to get it in the game....

Can I have the ring without the quest or get this quest fixed???

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That´s weird!
I killed all the bugs, and took both gems, but I only have the Blue one (I had room on myself)...
And both spots keep telling me that I already have the gems :S

And no, I didn´t tried it with another char.....
I followed every step from the iRO Wiki link, but I don´t have the RED GEM....
And now I don´t know what to do...... :S

Abril, que me recomendas que haga?

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