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Server Maintenance

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Happy New Year!

Every monster drops an Extravagant Firecracker, which have a visual effect. Also, some rare effects might be inside some of those.

But take care, they might explode in your hands - you don't wanna blackout, do you?


GatheringRO will be underdoing server maintenance.
This maintenance is required to apply the latest official updates ragnarok has to offer!

A list of all changes will be released when the maintenance has been finished.

We will be performing Maintenance for the GatheringRO Server as follows.
Maintenance Schedule:
Start time: January 1 (Thursday) aprox. 11:00 GMT+1 [servertime]
End time: January 1 (Thursday) aprox. 13:00 GMT+1 [servertime]
- GatheringRO will be offline.
- Control Panel will be offline.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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