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Fix This Please


Npc Leablem is not offering an option to slot Special Ninja Suit like the following link. Is there anyway to add this option to the npc? re/quests/ninja_quests.txt requires Special Ninja Suit[1] re/merchants/enchan_ko.txt for Oboro enchantment of it, but Leablem NPC does not slot it

here's the link where the special ninja suit[1] is available http://forums.warppo...l-ninja-suit-1/

and this



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This is not a "real" bug.

That's quite normal that some features are not fully official as of yet.

rAthena is known for missing features related to quests and npcs because they're usualy lacking official info.

So they don't implement it before they've either got their hands on the official aegis script, or on reliable information.

Or, what's also possible is that it's an iRO exclusive and rAthena is never going to implement it.

It always depends on the situation.

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