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Woe Core & Fixes

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The first part of the WoE update is now live.
This affects only WoE 1.0 at the current state!

A new exclusive gRO map has been implemented and is now your access to all castles.
You can either use the Warp Agent to warp to the WoE Plateau, or warp directly to "woe_map" using the @warp command.

The 5 castles who are currently opened will always be accessable through this new map only.
That means, once the initial WoE 1.0 rotation has been finished, the warp portals will rotate as well!

There's no need to check which castles are currently opened anymore. Simply go to the WoE Core, your one-stop access to the guild wars.


Checkout this blog entry so you can understand the design of the map and further plans of the upcoming WoE Update.

Some fixes have been applied
- Fixed xmas event drops which were broken after the update
- Fixed Elemental Converters not adding weight [bugreport:135]
- Fixed Dark Priest using an overpowered skill [bugreport:77]
- Fixed Cactus Hat not giving the skill Provoke lvl3 [bugreport:13]
- Fixed beverage item issue which were no more usable
- Fixed a few item packages (boxes) which weren't working properly due some item errors
- Updated Luxury Hat & Pimp Hat quest requirements
- Some small WoE Treasure Chest changes
- For those who've missed it. The mailbox is currently available through the new command @mail only

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1) Cactus hat is suppose to give lvl 3 Provoke, not lvl 3 Magnificat.

2) Some castles at woe_map does not have warp portals.

1. Thanks for that, don't know what i was thinking ^^ Fixed

2. Checkout this link and take a look at the sketch! http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=100&showentry=451

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