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Woe Beta Update

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WoE Reward System enabled
This is currently a beta phase, there are NO reward shops as of now.
If you participate during the next WoE, you should recieve a mail after the war is over.
It should include Emperium Fragments as a reward based on your playstyle.

If you encounter any bugs related to our system or anything else, please report it into our bug tracker in the forums.

- Woe Plateau map update
Fixed a lot of visual bugs, walkable space bugs and improved other visuals.
Improved walkable space on the bridges, it should be easier now to reach the castles.
- Implemented new item currency Emperium Fragment

- Released hotfix for Costume: Shining Santa Poring (for those who had a blank item in their inventory and those with crash issues)

If you've missed the latest WoE changes, please checkout the first WoE Update:

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You can still use the flags at the coords we use before Woe Plateau update. (prt_gld,pay_gld,etc.)

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