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Changes In 2015: Skill Delay Makes Monk Not Playable


I do not see the point to set all after skill delays to at least 1 second. It may make sense for magi with their aoe spells, but definitely not for all classes.

Monks are supposed to deal close range damage with their combos and pretty fast. Their dps is capped by spirits and the need to call these after a bunch of combos. Its ok if you can't cat asura for 2 seconds after a dash or can't even cast second asura 15 seconds after the first one, but 1 second delay after a combo skill is basically ridiculous: the game becomes a text adventure. If you want to see what I mean, try to use Dragon Combo and Fallen Empire on some MVP with at least 3kk hp. Or go and try to activate the full combo one by one. You will see it is not even funny. Even a swordy can do two bashed per second. wtf?

Another effect of this patch is that Triple Blow now misses the plants. Does it miss Emperium as well? Not that I would care, but you should rethink these changes.

Game client crashes when I exit the game and the monitor stays black. Seems like it does not end the process properly and holds the graphic output.

Another issue is the behavior of the client (or is it server?). It kinda lags for half a second every 10-20 seconds, just executing the command half second later... It is definitely not on my side, because it was all good few days ago.

PS next time before you add a lot of changes how about creating a test server for at least few people to test and discuss the changes?

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As stated in the news (server maintenance one)

It is said that these are official updates.

Which means, there are usualy tons of changes, yes actually thousands of updates.

I have read myself through each and every update. But rAthena developers usually don't write everything down.

So there are tons of updates which i simply cannot notice.

This includes for example the skill delays.

I was running a test server, and i've checked myself through most things.

But running a special test server for players to connect would be kinda silly with so few players left.

Also it would have been very time consuming, which would have postponed this update a few months.

About the client crashes, i really can't reproduce this issue.

The client itself has not recieved an update, so it's the same as before, it closes properly and shouldn't cause any issues.

The only thing i can imagine is that you're playing on full screen with a pretty high resolution.

Ragnarok was initialy NOT coded for such a high resolution.

It is a known issue that it can cause issues at such circumstances, especially when taking screenshots.

About the lag, you're saying it is definitely not on your side just because it was working a few days ago?

That doesn't proof anything.

Please note that:
I've not recieved any report from any other player who was having such lag issues.

For myself, i'm playing perfectly fine.

So the issue is either caused directly by your computer, by your home network or by the provider or by the physical internet connection from your location to our server.

To get back to the actual issue:

I'm going to take a look at the cast time issue if it has actually changed.

Haven't heard this from anyone else as of yet.

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Sorry for the rough tone. I didn't mean to put you under pressure. I just saw the changes and got upset and uhm... yeah. Sorry.

About the "official rAthena". Is there actually a server running this official mechanics set? How may players do they have and what do they say about this update? I cannot imagine a low rate server with max base of 150 and these after cast delays....

You are right about me running high resolution. Window mode or lower resolution isn't an option however. I didn't install any updates or other software last three weeks and I wasn't taking screenshots or whatever, so the crashes really surprised me.

About the lags that I mentioned earlier. I think it is a combination of after skill delays and partial queuing of events by the client when it experiences an overload. It's an old issue, known since the earlier ages of ro. And the client was really running slow last time, no idea what has caused it. However, today it runs more stable and the lags aren't so frequent any more (actually nearly not present). But the client still seems to get stuck-ish, if I use @warp a lot to a different locations. So it is probably not so much of a problem after all.

As for not many players. Have you seen any of this kind?

There is also an episode about fun in games. Didn't find it now, but you should look for it.

Want more players? You need a couple of aspects to get into a balance. If you have time and know how to create custom maps and scripts for quests with monster spawn and quest-time items, I might give you some ideas later.

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