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Enable Multiple Account Log-In On Battle Grounds

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+1 million

just divide the reward among how many duals a player uses so that bg can't be abused. :)

Just in-case this request may be granted, because we're still waiting for the New Woe Plateau Update(*Still Beta*) because again there is new items to be implemented in there.

^For the topic, it'll be hard case again for dividing the badges on "your" dual/tripple/quad

Simple ^just enable the topic somehow :P

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They disabled it for a reason: it ruined bg. Just reduce players per team

I may not be a fan of pvp-related stuff, but i have to agree that having 3-4-5-6 afkers (since multiclients) is not really funny on bg for your team.... So reducing the amount of player, would probably make it a bit less "funny" then if it was for example a 10 vs 10, but much funnier then a 2.5vs4

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The multiple accounts is for opening BG, this will be just temporary to increase players and just disable it when the population grows. Besides, BG rewards gives some players an urge to play this game and this will be a good thing in our community for the moment. I hope GM's will at least temporarily enable multiple accounts and observe the community for its effects, if the result is bad then disable it but what if it has some good effect.

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Well I've said no to multiple accounts, that would just be enabling abuse to the system of BG and make it less fun for others.

I will just reduce the amount of players needed to start it.

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I can't follow you guys.

From what i know, Battlegrounds are already 3vs3 minimum.

I've decreased this already months ago upon another request from the players.

We will not allow that you will be able to register with multiple accounts just so you can farm your badges.

Please note that these numbers are meant as 3 mininum per team. So it will require at least 6 players to start any of the battleground modes.

Capture The Flag = 3

Eye of Storm = 3
Triple Inferno =3 (3 teams)

Team Deathmatch = 3

Bossnia = 3

Conquest = 4

Stone Control = 3

Domination = 3

Rush = 3

While maximum is set to 50

So to start ANY battlegrounds you will need at least 6 players.
While maximum peak is set 50 per team. So 100 per BG.

Playing battlegrounds with any less than 3 players per team is simply not fun.

Battlegrounds was not designed for such a low amount of players.

If you really want to enjoy BG, try to convince other players to play with you.

The automated announcements help you with that case, which we've implemented for you guys as well.

Just login to gRO and register for battleground already by using @joinbg

It may disrupt you later on when it starts, but at least the chances are way higher to be able to play the battlegrounds, as otherwise it may be forgotten.

You can also create a party with your buddies and register the whole party for battlegrounds right away! (by talking to the battleground recruiter)

More basic information about the battlegrounds can be found here:


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