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Hey fellow players!

I'm here to inform you about our advertisements.
While I've invested into a few advertisements to attract new players, the time has also come for you to support us a little.

> By writing a Review <

These reviews can help us a lot, since they will be be counted for a full year on that website and with that attract tons of new players.

On the other hand, you might have noticed the new advertisement banners on our website/forums, including the Patcher since today.
Since gRO is running really low on donations and i'm paying the whole server out of my own pocket, i've decided to setup some advertisements.
These profits will be used to pay a really small portion of the costs to run GatheringRO.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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I have put a review on RMS. :lol:

und mit der option hast du alle anderen bereits vorhandenen votepoints geloescht? hab gar keine mehr. hab sie mir seit ewigkeiten angesammelt (y)

nun hol ich mir 50 specialbonus votepoints um nichtmal einen bruchteil von den vorher bereits vorhandenen votepoints wieder zu bekommen? das ja nice.

Post in English you noob. :angry:

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Maybe its much better to get someone good in balancing skills before advertising about the server?

It would surely attract old players to return meaning althea will be populated again, instead of letting "newbies attracted by advertisements" having a ghost town in their 1st day lol

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