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Enhanced Variant Shoes[1]

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This guide will help you in creating "Enhanced Variant Shoes[1]".

1. Go to Reno (moc_para01 40 170).


2. Talk to him and choose "Quest to get Energy Crystals".

3. Then choose "High Level Hunting [90 and up]".

4. Then choose "Raydric".

5. After you chose "Raydric" you now have to kill 100 Raydrics, once you have killed 100 return to him and get your reward.

6. You'll receive 10 Pure Energy Crystals.

Note: This quest is repeatable in any of your characters even if its in the same account. This also has a 24 hour cooldown.

a. To create a Enhanced Variant Shoes[1], you will need 300 pcs of these crystals and a Variant Shoes[0]. Once you have collected 300 pcs crystals, talk to him again and choose "Exchange Crystals for Headgear"

b. Then choose "High Grade Crystal".

c. Then click on "Variant Shoes 300/300".

d. After choosing that option, you will now receive your Enhanced Variant Shoes[1].

Congratulations and enjoy your new shoes! ^_^

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