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Some Suggestions....


Ok uhm first of all xD Hello everybody o.o/

Ok so... i was read a lot of stuff here and i am kinda uhm...like "whats going up if i suggested someting like new mid headgears and instances?" , so here is my suggestions... i dont mind if they are rejected tho, but i would like if in the future this gonna be implemented because uhm i really like the server and so.....

ok here i go :

  1. Black Devil Mask : i dont know if someone suggested this or whatever, but i didnt see any guides of this mid headgear and i didnt see this mid in the uhm vote shop either ...
  2. OGH Instance: i heard by someone that the instance is already bugged.. so would be nice if you guys can fix it *_*?
  3. Faceworm Nest and those new quest that i dont know the exactly name: this is for faceworm skins thingy ...
  4. Silvervine fruits : maybe if you can put that by purchase it from coupons....?
  5. Maybe.... put more cheaper the acids bombs and elus and oris or so? (i farming it so this isnt important at all)
  6. Implement the new skills for 3rd jobs o.o? (Flash Combo, No Limits, Hallucination Drugs, and the others skills i dont know the name xD)

So... this is all... i know is a lot xD but i got a lot of ideas cuz i am from iro, but i got bored after a while and currently that server doesnt worth anymore... i will happy if you consider at least one or two of the suggestion above.......

Im very shy and i am kinda nervous because i never write a post about my ideas before in whatevers server b-but i really like this on s-so ...... uhm uhm take care all *runs away*

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