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Major Server Update

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We've had 2 maintenances today.

Both together included 642 Updates by rAthena (each one of them includes multiple updates).
This includes the following, however isn't limited to:
- Skill updates/fixes
- Database updates/fixes (items, monsters etc..)
- NPC updates/fixes (npc, quests etc..)
- Stability improvements

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642 Updates are way too much for a detailed changelog.

If you're interested into further details, you could checkout the rAthena updates yourself.

gRO just updated from rAthena revision 13100 to 13742

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GM everade HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Its about THE SIGN QUEST! Its on the part of giving the sign to Metz for examining and I followed the guide to wait for 3-4hours but nothing happened and he said to give him more time... Its been 4days since i passed the sign to Metz.. I give it to Metz at 19:06 i tried by not rounding it off 19:00 I've waited between 22:00-23:00 and I did also tried rounding it off at 20:00 so i've waited between 23:00-24:00 STILL NO RESULTS! T_T please help me GM Everade!

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