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Royal Guards & Mechanics


The Sniper Turrets don't shoot for unknown reasons. They just sit there waiting to die.

Royal Guards:
Sacrifice skill does damage normally, except without any cards on weapon functioning.
-As in wearing 2 abyssmal knights should deal 50% more damage against bosses.
^but it isn't. since my rg only deals the HP damage.

Overbrand and Cannon Spear also isn't affected by AK cards like how sacrifice isn't affected atm.

It should work in theory, but it isn't.

That, or the client is bugging on me. (which I doubt since fresh from your dl page.)


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Sorry late reply, was doing thesis work.

anyway, yea I found out about the sacrifice a few days ago so I went for Branding till mobs drop.

errm, I have to ask though, the mechanic one, is it really dead?

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