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RK Neves

Irrelevant Minor Visuals And More.


This is the most appropriate forum I found to actually post this, so im here in a kind of, "asking" way, not really suggestions that must be rushed up.

First of

(Not relevant in general, only in a personal way.)

I would like to know if it is possible to bring back the old two-handed sprites... I mean, I play Rune Knight, and I think that, besides Violet Fear, and perhaps a few, the sprite of the weapon is always the same, not that the problem identifies as that, but the sprite itself... is so ugly.

I was talking about this with a friend of mine today, it just looks, like a piece of stone badly glued together, so... yeah, people who used Krasnaya and other swords might remember.

Second of

(TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. You have been warned. It's cool if it's stays as it is)

The "Wug Strike".

We always had Warg Strike in the skill description, and it just sounds weird to be "Wug", maybe it is a bug, and I do not know?

Third of

(Kinda important now.)

I would like to, and im pretty sure everyone agrees on this, an increase on general HP.

When I came back to gRO, I had 1m100k HP, with my Rune Knight, I think that was pretty normal and ok, there might have been a peticuliar reason, and I just didn't read about it... but either way, higher HP means longer fights, and people love fighting for longer :D

My Genetic has like, 150k HP... sure, no VIT build nor equips for it, that is, but even so...

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1. Remember the crashes we've had just a few days ago with all those weapons?
That's because i've implemented the latest visual updates (a lot of weapons have recieved their very own sprite)

But our client is currently capped at max, of what it's being able to show. So yet again.
This requires a client update which i'm still working on.

2. We're following the "official" translation, which is Wug Strike. I really can't tell how "official" it currently is. But it's what every other server is using as translation database.

I remember that about 8till3 years back in time, there was always one sentence which was really bad translated.
I personally paid a translation company to proper translate it for me because it was quite and important one and no one was able to do so. (when i was working on the translation team myself)
The professional translation finaly made sense, so i've implemented it into the translation database.

It held for exactly 2 days, when the first idiot reversed my proper translation update.
I was forced to re-implement that translation about 6 times in total, until i've left the translation team because they were simply way to stupid to take use of common sense.

In the end, that translation went completly lost.

What i'm trying to say here:

I'm not willing to take any more care about such small things, because it's simply not worth it.

The translation team changes about 5 times per year, and the whole translation database changes about 2 times per year.

No one is dedicated enough to take care of it, and during the past years, 900% of great updates have simply been lost.

3. No


General HP is that one thing that messes up the balance in general.

There are tons of skills which are taking your, or your enemies HP into count. Usualy within really complicated calculations.

Increasing the HP again would cause an even more unbalanced environment and which that much more proplems.

So no, you wouldn't stand nor fight any longer.
You would propably die instantly.

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