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Adventure Guild Update

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Our Adventure Guild (Daily Quests) just recieved a big overhaul!


  • From scratch, hand picked and a bigger variety of new supply requests.
  • Rather than picking 3 different items out of 1 big list, Falmira picks now 3 items out of 3 different item difficulty lists for you to collect.
  • Supply, elimination and taming request amount has been adjusted. (mainly reduced)
  • Falmira has adjusted her rewards depending on your current rank.

The new item request list may not be perfect, but i've even taken shop selling prices and weight into consideration. This way an overweight problem or difficulty issue should no more persist.

If you still recieve a way too hard request, or one which may be even impossible to do so, please report it to us.

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Actually I want to suggest something:

I had to get the following items today: Decayed Nail x83, Shoot x33, Transparent Plate x5 - thing is that there's 4 different types of that plate :D
So maybe you can add (green) to the description? :)

Thanks! ^^

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The script does automatically get the name by checking the database entry. Since the official name of all these 5 items are the same, there's no way to add the color just like that unless i modify the item names itself.

Removed Transparent Plate from the list. ;)

Checked through the whole monster list today to check possibility of the quests.
With that i've released an update:

- Removed 24 monsters from the list. (Which were either way to rare or did not even spawn)
- Added 119 new monsters (Nostalgia, new and custom ~ so your journey will go through whole midgard)
- Removed Transparent Plate from the item list

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