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RK Neves

Crucial And Alarming Measures To Counter Abusing/bad Moments.

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For those who are reading this, and are against me because you don't like me or think im wrong, well.. let's move on.

As we all know, our beloved Dragon Breath skill is utterly bugged, which forces every player to wear anti fire armor, and sometimes, that is not enough, I have heard of people from MY guild who use Skoll (For those who don't know, Skoll turns your armor into fire property, and negates burning damage status.) still get killed by it, pretty easily.

I remember in the past, and I am aware, that skills CAN be deactivated in times of great need, and that is what I am here today requesting. The deactivation of the Dragon Breath skill until further notice: Why? Well it's pretty obvious, to someone that doesn't have any reducing equipment, you might get between 900k~1.5m Damage from that skill. And no, it's not just "switching" whenever you want or feel like it, because that is a huge problem on WoE, a problem I and many others have experienced.

I know that the skill Reflect Damage, (3rd Royal Guard skill) was once disabled, so I know this can be done.

For those who say Rune Knight will be unplayable or any of that [email protected], here's how it is:

-You can use runes. (Pertz rune IS spammable, and average damage is 20k.)

-You can use multiple skills that HURT (Eg: Hundred Spear (with a naked RK, and a +10 vellum spear, I do AT LEAST 50k; Spiral Pierce, you can spam it pretty nicely, Ignition Break...)

I can play Rune Knight PRETTY well without relying on Dragon Breath.

Probably, if you support the skill as it is, there's two possibilities: You don't pvp, you're a hypocrite that has most of the "OP" gear, which most, do not.

As for another alarming and quite impressive thing.

I am here to request the deactivation of the @aura command in WoE maps. Why?

Our little most beloved and awesome friend Justu Freak abused it in WoE to not get damaged, for those who don't know, each time you do it, you get teleported, and in Ragnarok, Eg: WoE maps, you get a few seconds of invincibility if you don't move or attack.

Yes, the person we LOVE the most, that person, abused it several times, and my guild can say it.


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dragon breath deals still 400k or more
TC dmg is like ok when players got reduce on. i usualy deal around 200k-260k wit TC after a combo!!!!! normal TC dmg is 100k.
if u ask me the dmg is ok when u dont have to spend HP for beeing abble to use it like back then. but if the HP reduce gets implended, then the dmg shud get a great boost. i mean u cant really think of dealing 200k wit the cost of 30% hp? that wud be more HP wich u loose than deal dmg

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I really have no clue why the hp reduction on TC doesn't work, but i will change the skill of course as soon as the bug has been fixed.

I was taking another look at Dragon Breath, i've adjusted the source code to calculate in our base lvl difference to official.
An update will soon be released.

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Sir Everade, Yesterday at PVP as what you had seen, the RK (forgot the name) did a DB test with me (the ninja), it deal 999k in my unequipped ninja. Then he told me he remove his weapon, and when he DB, it deal 400k. I don't know if he's telling the truth about the weapon thing but he did not tell the name of the weapon.

Is that weapon(whatever it is) cause the damage boost or something else?

Well, just wondering.!

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DB is somehow based on the equips wich a rune Knight wears, like Glor spear or somthing else. ist not only HP based.

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