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Rent A House

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The housing system is currently not available.
We're re-designing the entire feature to offer you the best housing system possible!



[This service is free of charge for Account Plus Members]
If you need some time for yourself or just want to hangout with your buddies, the best place to be is always your home.
So why don't you go ahead and rent your own house with its unique features?!

Real Estate Agent

Our Real Estate Agent from the GatheringRO Corp. knows exactly if you've still got the chance to rent one of our available houses.
Under the conditions to visit your home and keep everything tidy, including killing the insects that appear on the loose.
Also you can only have one property.


Pick the village theme you prefer.
Each Village and house offers you the same features, however the house designs (outside and indoors) are different.
Talk to the Property Manager in your prefered village to rent your favourite house or get additional information about the rent.

- You can rent a home for 1 up to 4 weeks if you pay the weekly zeny fee.
- Or you can rent a home in any town for free as long as you have your Account Plus membership.


House Features

  • Beds for resting
  • Closet with access to storage
  • A Piano which plays various themes
  • Cleaning service for your rooms
  • Personal PvP Activator
  • Yggdrasil Berry tree
  • Cute little pets
  • Beautiful garden with herbs
  • Option to use Dead Branch
  • Guest Key for your closest friends

[ Payon House ]


[ Prontera House ]


[ Morocc House ]


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Is it still available? Where is its new location?

Nvm found it.

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