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Robrowser Update & More

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roBrowser Update

  • Several rendering updates and fixes
  • All latest content (maps, items, monster, headgears, npcs)
  • Customs are now working properly (Headgears, NPCs, Monsters, Items)
  • Path Finding optimization
  • Touch gesture optimization on mobiles/tablets
  • Stop auto-focus input on mobiles/tablets
  • Added some status icons
  • Added some sound effects
  • Fixed guild marker on minimap
  • Implemented Guild System/UI (including uploading emblem)

New Official Guides

Ingame Updates

  • Adjusted our old Maze Event to be usable again (game master triggered)
  • Moved forgotten Soccer Game Hoster npc to Althea (204,216)
  • Fixed 3d Glasses not showing its available slot
  • Removed and changed a few drops from Goldring Boss
  • Removed Stiff Horn (7008) from Adventure Guild Supply quests

Skill Balancing

  • Earth Strain - Decreased strip time, increased cooldown, slightly reduced damage
  • Cart Tornado - Increased damage
  • Hells Plant - Decreased damage
  • Crazy Weed - Decreased damage
  • Comet - Slightly decreased damage
  • Arrow Vulcan - Slightly decreased damage

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I was testing it.

Fact is, it was doing way too much damage. Doesn't matter even if the Ghost element would be ignored.

It was way too much.

And the ghost element fix should be implemented since quite a while already, according to rAthena.

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Sorry but for me the damage is good already, almost all of the Genetics Skills are blocked by pneuma. Hell's Plant and Cart Tornado are the only good skills that can work through it. Anyways its still your decision ^_^ Anyways, thanks for this update

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Geneticist don't have that much good offensive skills. Most of their skills can be easily countered or reduced, for example Acid Demonstration can be easily countered with anti-neutral reduces; Cart Cannon can be easily blocked by Pneuma. And the fact that most of their skills costs a lot. Reducing their offensive skills would make them useless on battles except to support and the likes. And note that Howling of Mandragora's chance is really lowered, procs in like 1 out of 10 even with people with less Luk.

Frankly saying you're making Geneticist useless on offensive battles.

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Hell plant only doing 5k damage now...-___-

compared with other class like WL, it so far, even 1 soul expansion can do 100k damage with proper equip...

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