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Woe & Other Updates

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WoE Updates

  • Einherjar, the lost soul has found his place in Althea to warp you to the WoE Core map
  • Moved War Info Board from Althea to the WoE Core map
  • Improved menu interface and dialog of War Info Board for a better user experience
  • A few WoE Reward System adjustements (still testing/balancing/fixing)
  • Temporarily removed Valentine's Ring effect as the last update did not solve the abuse completly
  • Hotfix for the server crashes during WoE

Other Updates

  • Updated Costume Shop with a few new costumes for each day of the week
  • Fixed client crashes caused by a few new headgears
  • Adjusted Dice Game, to reward a winner with an additional Coupon if your guess was right
  • Updated Skill Requirement database, which includes several skill fixes

Adventure Guild

  • Changed NPC looks ones more and added NPC Illustrations with emotions
  • Improved menu interface for a better user experience
  • Improved some NPC dialog for a better understanding
  • Removed another impossible item supply request (item 7864)
  • Several typo fixes

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Gm Eve ? is Lux Anima Runestone available to use here ? coz last time i try to use Lux Anima Runestone no effect appear .. thnx advnce

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Remove Countermagic Crystal (7578) from adventure guild please..

And can we have reset for the request so if it's impossible we can just reset it? we'll never done it to A class if impossible items keep showing up, and need to restart it next day...-_____-

It's one reason which make lazy to do the daily quest...

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