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Skills, Woe & Other

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Server Maintenance finished, GatheringRO is back online.

Skill Changes

  • Dangerous Soul Collect - fixed old mistake, cast time is now variable again
  • Arrow Storm - returned cast delay settings back to official
  • Circle of Nature - modified skill formula with a 5x HP/SP modifier to fit our customizations [suggestion:134]
  • Dragon Breath - modified skill formula to fit our increased max base level (slightly decreases damage)
  • Cross Slash - modified skill formula to fit our increased max base level - slight cast time changes
  • Reject Sword - applied official fix/update
  • Flaming Petals - back available, however removed it's old modification which made it so op

WoE Updates

  • WoE Guardian Enhancement with complete new stats and skills
  • Added more service NPCs on WoE Core map
  • Fixed WoE 2.0 castle rotation issue. The warp portals and flags were not triggering during the rotation.
  • Several fixes in the WoE Reward system (1 minute delay may apply before you get rewarded after WoE)


  • Added special Blockring Monsters on Althea Field 02, they are unique on their custom behavior
  • Adjusted Blockring item drops, as they are much more common now
  • Added special Poring monsters on Althea Field 07 and 08, same unique behavior like Blockring
  • Several typo fixes on a few custom npcs
  • Fixed Zaha Doll hat description [report:276]

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