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Please Take Another Look At Minstrel's Circle Of Nature Skill.


I have read that Minstrel's Circle Of Nature got a tweak making it at 5x HP/SP. That's great at least you took a peak on the skill. But there is a problem with the 5x on SP.

Minstrels don't have that much INT and so as the other melee/physical classes. A 5x SP is a huge SP consumption per second. It consumes about 4% SP per second. The skill is rather like a debuff since the 5x HP regeneration isn't that huge with our customize stats with HP reaching up to 1m and above. It only regenerates HP for like 1k per second and that's too low.

I suggest to lower the SP consumption per second to 1x and increase the HP regeneration up to 10x.

That's in my own opinion and suggestion.

If you have any other way of balancing this skill please do and let us know.

Thank you so much.


Skulls, a.k.a. Gelo.

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