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Beta Feedback



Known Bugs:
- WoE Core Map is missing floating fragments (they would crash the client) fixed
- PvP Colosseum currently crashes (because of the custom moving 3d models) fixed
- Animation on custom 3D models missing (at least the crash is fixed for now) fixed
- Missing cloth and hair colors (Reversing Palette Protection System /sigh) fixed
- @mail doesn't work. The mail system is deprecated and OFFICIALY removed. A new mail system called 'roDex' will replace it in the future
List Of Updates (NOT COMPLETE, there's even more)

Misc Updates:

- Rebellion Class Release

- New Skills for all Classes

- New Beginner Quest (You start now random in one out of 5 Izlude copies, not the actual izlude itself)

- A lot new individual Weapon sprites (Being shown while fighting)

- A lot of official skill Updates and some custom balancing
- All latest official updates (Maps, Mobs, Items, NPCs, Quests...)

- WoE Core map recieved a blue sky and clouds
- The attribute LUK now affects item drop chance by a small amount
- Guild Alliance reduced to maximum 1 (Please re-apply your alliance upon release)
- Fixed Althea and other custom minimaps, so your location is shown properly
- Fixed Status effects (Burning, Crystallization) (Banaspaty, Sropho Card, DragonBreath ...)
- Patcher recieved a small redesign of the 3 top buttons, including the new replay button as described below
- Fixed female Cloth/Hair Color issues

Main Client Features:
Menu Icons
- Buttons have been replaced with graphic icons and can be hidden if needed
- MVP Monsters show now a way bigger HP bar so it's easier to check their HP during mayhem.
- Item Sell History window which shows you the amount earned, who bought it and date/time of each sold item.
Skill/Buff Timers
- Changed the way skill/buff timer is shown.
-- Skills with >1minute timer will be marked in white and <1minute timer will be marked in red
-- This also affects Homunculus and Mercenary skills
- Shows your coordinates below minimap
- Maximize Minimap
-- Show own position while moving
-- Show Quest Icons
-- Show Guild/Party
-- Add personal Notes / Memorize location
Bank UI
- Bank zeny storage to deposit up to 2,147,483,647z
Status UI
- Status/Attribute window has been seperated from the Equipment window
New command /quake
- Disables shaking effect of skills like Explosion Spirits, Lord of Vermillion, ...
- Added Replay Button on gRO Patcher which allows you to watch your ingame recordings using the Rec button ingame
- Added Dimension, Localizing01 and Localozing02 worldmap which completes the Worldmap
- By clicking on a map, it triggers the navigation system
- Mob[Tab] now shows the recommended Base level on all maps and dungeons
- Dungeons trigger a drop down menu to show all available dungeon levels
- More features such as mouse over map shows fast travel routes or icons if you click on maps for additional information
- Identify Items directly in your inventory by: Holding Ctrl + Right-Click on item, identifies it and substracts one Magnifier from your inventory
- Opening inventory window after obtaining an item will now show the newly obtained item with pink silhouette ( I did not pick the color ;P ).
- Description Window is now being streched to the correct size to fit in the complete description
- Viewing an equipment now shows a comparison with the current worn item
Other Client Related Updates & Fixes (All information i was able to find):
- Client does not close anymore if you click cancel on char selection screen
- Pressing F11 key to enter screenshot mode will no longer block user chat and other information messages.
- Fixed an error caused by some video cards.
- Engine Update to be able to display high polygone models to support better graphics (>New Prontera< (We've had new prontera before as well, however it was customized with decreased polygone count))
- Changed the Quest Information Window to only display up to 5 current quests.
- Changed the costume tab to allow drag & dropping of costume items in between costume tab and inventory window.
- Equipments that have been equipped through the Personal Tab in inventory window will be returned to the tab when unequipped.
- Fixed a display bug with /lightmap command where the object shadow would appear to be displaced on the ground.
- Fixed a bug where after using the 'Sense' skill, monster sprite would not appear normally in the monster information window.
- Changed character creation system to place newly created characters on 1 of 5 replicas of Izlude Town map.
- Fixed a bug where a previous skill copied with Reproduce would remain in the skill hotkey bar.
- Fixed a bug with /lightmap command where it would not work properly in dungeons.
- Changed the mini-map to show a more accurate position of oneself on the map.
- Fixed a bug where the NPC location marker on the minimap was visible through the World Map window.
- Fixed a bug where using the simplified aura command would result in a Level 99 simplified aura effect being displayed on a Level 150 Kagerou/Oboro.
- Fixed a bug where a minimized Equipment window would revert back to its original size after relogging or changing maps.
- Fixed a bug where AGI/DEX reduction was not showing
- Changed the monster shadow's size to be proportionate to its sprite.
- In-game Hallucination effect has been changed. No screen shaking anymore, it now inverts the screen.
- Changed vending system to show the sum of the cost for the items purchased through player vend in the chat window.
- Fixed a bug where when closing the skill shortcut window the skill cooldown time would still display.
- Fixed an issue where the sanctuary effect would display when a sorcerer summoned spirit enters a sanctuary.
- Added 10th character slot permanently
- Fixed a bug where Water Ball skill used by monsters would not show proper animation.
- The status icon (such as burning or freezing) will no longer be visible to other players when the target is in Hiding or Cloaking status.
- Fixed an issue where when a Shadow Chaser uses Feint Bomb, the hiding effect would still show the players shadow on the ground.
- Fixed a bug when changing guild title your character title will not display properly.
- Changed the Sense skill window now displays the name of the mob.
- Fixed a bug when you used the command /AURA and logged off
- Added new monster sound effects
- All items, delete from your description the warning that can't be traded with another account and a new UI to warn that actions that are blocked is added.
- Corrected the effects of some equipment that were not in the correct position.
- Fixed a bug with the HP bar where some characters's did not display correctly in certain battlefield maps.
- An error in the UI guild ordering of players with certain letters in their names has been corrected.
- Click on the 'Help' icon under the Navigation window to learn how to use the system

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List what I found so far :

- http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?app=tracker&showissue=300&gopid=1142&st=0entry1142 fixed

-While on the same guild, cant attack the player even with @duel on Cannot reproduce, works just fine

- Also ive found this at the coupon reward C (adventure guild) :http://imgur.com/q4S1nlL Fixed

- Got this red text as soon as a rebellion logged in : http://imgur.com/ciZMgWg

Thanks for the report, but i'm not able to type those ascii letters to actually find the missing file.

Maybe it's a weapons or something you're wearing? Would require some more details on this matter.

- NPC : Fisk , Loc : Alberta http://imgur.com/dbbC24O

Problem : Everytime I sail back to Izlude Marina it just warp me there and cant move. This script has just been updated to renewal and with that the warping issues has been fixed.

- You cant use @go 27 28 and 30 but you can use the Warp Agent to get acess to those places

- Everytime I use both stairs from left or right at the Novice Academy I got warped here and I cant move: http://imgur.com/zBknp9g Fixed

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This list will be updated.

So far we found:


Gro station, ammunition shop, doesn't allow Rebelion to buy ammo. fixed
- NO grenade lauchers can be ekiped at all. Warning message has been improved so it's more clear what's wrong (Missing Ammo)
- Tempest Gatling gun doesn't take -25 HIT, adds HIT, instead; Same with Peace Breaker Shotgun.

- Rebellion using daggers causes sprite errors.

- Altair & Ares doesn't take -10% aspd.

- Color Scope gives around +50HIT, and only +1 CRIT(Original is HIT+20, and CRIT+20)

- R.A.G.203 gives -10HIT, and only +1 CRIT(Original is HIT+10, and CRIT+15)

- Rolling Thunder gives +20HIT. (Original is -10)

- NPC's inside the Gunslinger Branch in Einbroch doesn't allow Rebellions to buy items.


- Typing doesn't allow the following: á, à, ç, º, ª, ã â Fixed

- Nightmare Amon Ra spawns an imense number of minions if left alone after attacking him. Cannot reproduce

- Glast Heim Memorial Dungeon lacks the correct NPC sprites. Require more details, which npcs exactly? Please note that it's probably not yet finished by rAthena
- When using the Warper to Glast Heim > Entrance, the player spawns in the portal that takes him to the previous field. Fixed

- While setting up shop with 'Vending' maximum price possible is 1b. Reported to the Client diff team, first experimental fix didn't work, still waiting.


Edited by Everade

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This will be updated as we keep finding new errors, etc.


Ranger: Unlimited skill dmg is way too high. Adjusted

Sura: Flash combo shows New Basic Skill rather than it's actual name. Fixed

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About the @go 7 / 9 / 17 / 24 doesn't have kafra employees.

Everade says:

@go 24 has Cool Event Corp. Staff rather than a Kafra like Hugel

- Added all service npcs to most @go locations

- Synced Kafra Save Points with @go location or the other way around

The @go 25 kafra and warp spot are on the same cell. Out of curiosity is @go 27 / 28 / 30 be available to public to warp into?

Everade says:

- Not supposed to be public on final release, due the new world quest requirement.

Also is it possible to increase the maximum amount in the bank? or instead of money bank could we just have coin bank? Instead of storing it to our storage with all our other items it would be safer to put it on a bank.
Everade says:
- Not possible

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- Rebellion is now available at the Job Master!

- Rebellions have now access to the ammunition shop.

- Reworked all @go locations with service NPCs, NPC locations, Save locations

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Updated 28.02.16

Interface/Textures: Fixed

- ö, ä, ü, °, § cannot be typed and produce a "?" Fixed

- The textures for the pvp map "colosseum" aren't loaded correctly and produce a red error message (or is this intentionally disabled because of the crash issue with the 3d models?) Fixed

- The Display for currently present Players in Hell Box is staying at [0/] even if there are Players inside Fixed

- Emperium Fragments (ID: 61500) are blank inside your inventory. They cause a red error message (their textures can't be loaded, like it was with Colosseum, Kafra etc.) Fixed

- The lower Headgear Pussy Cat Bell [1] (ID: 29329) has a banana (?) as its texture. Fixed

Crash: Fixed

- The headgear Baby Dragon Hat (ID: 5531) causes the client to crash when clicked (and if a character on an account happens to wear it you can't get past the character selection window due to the crash) Fixed

- The skill Fire Dance (ID: 2561) of the Rebellion class causes the client to crash when used (and other players' clients that are nearby as well) Cannot reproduce, works just fine
Please make sure primary gRO client isn't running if you're testing the beta

New Skills: Fixed

- The new skill Magma Eruption for Mechanics shows a wrong value in its description (ID: 5006). It lists 3200 fixed damage but deals 1800 which is the correct value according to http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&skid=5006. Fixed

- The new skills can be casted in Althea (and supposedly in other areas where they should be disabled), i.e., they don't trigger the usual "this skill cannot be casted in this area" message. Fixed, specific new Skills have been restricted in towns


- Battleground items now have an Item Moves Restriction (Can't be stored, dropped, traded etc..). This needs to be reverted if possible as this will decrease the popularity of Battleground even more (since you will not be able to sell War Badges or BG weapons that you farmed). Moreover, you can't even share the weapon between your own chars if it stays like this. All BG weapons seem to be affected by this restriction (and many other items that we are used to trading with as well).

- Addition to Item Moves Restriction: Just noticed that Goldring card and Goldring Boss card have the same restriction. I assume that some headgears from our GM boxes will have this restriction as well. Please consider to make a poll on the forums on whether we want this restriction because it's really really strict (you won't be able to trade GRB, GM Box headgears etc.). Fixed

- WOE Treasure boxes need their drop rates adjusted (you might already be aware of this). On GRO Ingredients for Megingjard, Sleipnir etc. drop at a 3% chance while on the Test Server they currently seem to drop at a 0.8% chance (I used @mi). (Note: The website is still showing 30% for Ingredients instead of 3%)

- The former NPC "Fredoric" in the Blacksmith building in Althea is now called "Austri" and creates Bradium instead of turning your Rough Oridecon/Elunium to normal Oridecon/Elunium. The building now lacks an NPC that can turn rough ori/elu to normal ones. I suggest to put the NPC "Dietrich" (from prontera) or "Hakhim" (located in payon) there. Their text is: "I can purify your Rough Oridecons or Rough Eluniums". This way we won't have to go to Prontera or elsewhere to turn rough ori/elu into normal ones (I use this feature quite a lot so it would be nice if there was an NPC for that in the Althea building). Finished the planned Armsmith's Update

- There is a "Charge" button at the char selection window which only opens a window that says "Information" when clicked. I suggest to either make it lead to our kafra shop or remove it. Removed Button

- For some reason all Vellum Weapons (e.g. Vellum Spear, ID: 1436) and WoE Gear (e.g. WoE Plate, ID: 15046) can only be worn on a PVP map (and supposedly during woe/inside a woe castle, I didn't test it though). I think this is a bug since you can't upgrade them when you can't wear them. The bug may have something to do with the fact that Vellum Weapons as well as Woe Gear only provide their stats during WoE or on a PVP map (they list the restriction: *Stats during WoE/PVP). Fixed

- Skoll Card (ID: 20004) does not prevent the Burning Status from affecting the player when worn. The best skill to reproduce this issue is Ranger's Fire Trap (ID: 2253) Reported to rAthena as the official item script function doesn't work. rAthena confirmed it, a fix will be available when rAthena worked it out

- Screenshots are extremely crooked and have no color (this was not the case before the latest patches). Seems to be an issue with resolution. Is and always was an issue, usualy related to fullscreen or high resolution settings. Can not be fixed

Sealed Shrine Dungeon Bug Report:

Firstly: Inside the dungeon you cannot use any skills. Originally, only Safety Wall, Assumptio, Snatch and Teleport should be disabled in the dungeon (perhaps the script is faulty and disables all skills). Fixed

Secondly: The NPC "Ancient Hero's Soul" is supposed to do something to the party leader so he can collect Essence of Fire from the Torches that are inside the dungeon (One of his texts is: "Now, I'll tell you what you should do. First, collect Essence of Fire from the torches on the Graves. Second, all members who will enter the underground must carry a symbol, called the Token of Apostle. Then you can further inquire about the Essence of Fire and he will say: "I'll give the token of the inheritor of Faith to the party leader. Only the party leader can collect the Essence of Fire." However, he does nothing to you and you are not able to click the torches (there should be a dialog visible when you hover over them with your mouse).

Thirdly: Every member needs to get a Token of Apostle from monsters called Apostle of Baphomet (as the NPC mentions above). These monsters are not present inside the dungeon and hence the Tokens cannot be obtained.

This is all I could find out for now (maybe there are more bugs once the party can proceed to the 2nd floor).

Balancing of New Skills (suggestions): Finished initial balancing

Mechanic (Magma Eruption, ID: 5006):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: Does not seem to be either overpowered or very weak in its effects.

Genetic (Illusion Doping, ID: 5003):

Working?: This skill is supposed to cause the Hallucination debuff and decrease HIT by -50 for a duration of 10 seconds. The HIT part is working as intended but the Hallucination debuff is not applied.

Balance?: Need working Hallucination status ailment to determine strength/weakness of this skill as it does nothing but decrease HIT by 50 right now.

Rune Knight (Dragon's Water Breath, ID: 5004):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill appears to behave like Dragon Breath and hence should follow the same damage formula. On the beta client, both skills do not seem to be either overpowered or very weak.

Royal Guard (King's Grace, ID: 5013):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill has 3 components to it which are all extremely useful. The skill makes the caster and his allies around him invulnerable (but they can't take any actions), activates a very strong HP recovery buff and removes many status ailments. This skill is on a 1 minute cooldown. The HP recovery is 8% per second, while the skill lasts for 5 seconds (so you will have healed about 40-45% when you emerge from this skill). The percentage healed should be (as a preliminary measure) adjusted to be 4% (at max skill level) per second while the cooldown should be set to 2 minutes (again, as a preliminary measure). With these adjustments, the caster (and his allies) will be able to recover from status ailments every 2 minutes and heal 20%.

Sorcerer (Elemental Shield, ID: 5008):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill does not seem to be either overpowered or very weak. Note: This skill can be seen as a global safety wall (created on the cells of every ally on the caster's screen) that requires you to sacrifice your elemental. It's impact should be huge in WOE and PVP team fights.

Warlock (Telekinesis Intense, ID: 5012):

Working?: This skill reduces variable cast time by 50%, SP cost for Ghost Property Spells by 50% and increases Ghost Magic Damage by 200% at max level (i.e., it triples your damage at max level). However, the command @showcast does not work (see Miscellaneous) and therefore I could not ascertain whether this skill works as intended regarding the variable cast time reduce. The damage increase and sp reduce appear to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill is meant to be used in combination with Soul Expansion (single target ghost property spell with 0.2 sec fixed cast time). Basically, it triples your Soul Expansion damage which makes the already very powerful skill extremely deadly for anyone who cannot fall back on a Maya Card to stop the Warlock from spamming the skill brainlessly and thus kill you in a matter of seconds. The skill is on a 5 minute cooldown. The damage boost has to be seen in relation to the very long CD. Nevertheless, I suggest to make the skill only available up to skill level 3 (or change it so that the max level 5 only gives the benefits that are currently given at level 3 of the skill, as a preliminary measure) and observe its impact on WOE and PVP.

Maestro/Wanderer (Frigg's Song, ID: 5007):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill increases max HP by 25% and provides a very small HP recovery buff for 60 seconds with no cooldown. It behaves like the other Maestro/Wanderer songs so it does not stack with the other (3rd class) songs. However, even if a Maestro can only have one (3rd class) song active at a time, 25% Max HP is a huge value for a private server with base level 250. Additionally, Maestro also use Apple of Odin to increase other players max HP by 25%. Seeing how 50% would cause some people to exceed 3m HP, I suggest to initially release this skill with an increase of 15% instead of 25% at max level and observe its impact on WOE / PVP.

Ranger (Unlimit, ID: 5002):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill boosts range damage by 250% at max level (5) at the cost of DEF and MDEF. It is on a 5 minute cooldown and lasts for 1 minute. This skill is very similar (in its beheaviour and potential) to the damage boost of the new Warlock skill except that this time it comes with a great drawback. Again, the huge DMG boost has to be seen in relation to the very long cooldown and the def/mdef loss. However, I would still suggest that this skill receives the same treatment as the new skill of Warlocks because the damage increase is extremely high. I suggest to either only allow it to be skilled up to skill level 3 or make its max level (5) provide the benefits that are currently provided at skill level 3 (i.e. provide +150% instead of +250% at level 5) and then observe its impact on WOE/PVP.

Arch Bishop (Offertorium, ID: 5011):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill enables the player to heal 2.5x (i.e. +150% at max level 5) the amount with certain heal skills at the cost of increasing all SP cost by 300%. This skill lasts for 1:30 minutes but it has no cooldown. The increase in healing is huge while the increase in SP costs is insignificant as we have much more SP than what this skill was designed for. Firstly, I hereby suggest how the SP cost part could be balanced: Level 175 Arch Bishops on official servers seem to have 3k - 6k SP depending on their playstyle (according to video sources from max level Arch Bishops on iRO), while we have 30k- 45k. In order to find out how high our SP cost increase should be, we simply have to compare the SP pools between our server and official servers. We have 10 times the SP pool of official servers (they seem to have an average of ~4k while we have ~40k). Thus, the increase in SP cost for all skills should be not 300% but 10 times the amount, that is, 3000%. Consequently, the SP cost of (for example) the skill "Heal", when cast under the effect of Offertorium, will not be 120 SP (which equals 3% of 4k SP) but 1200 SP (which equals 3% of our 40k SP). Secondly, and this is due to the fact that we have Pimp Hats on our server, I suggest that the increase in healing at max level (5) is reduced from +150% to +60% (which equals level 2 of the skill) as a preliminary measure.

Sura (Flash Combo, ID: 5009):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill casts a total of 4 skills on a chosen target in very fast succession (Dragon Combo, Fallen Empire, Tiger Cannon and Sky Blow) while adding +120 ATK to them at max level (5). Additionally, this skill does not consume any HP although it includes the skill Tiger Cannon which usually costs 30% HP to cast. When using Flash Combo, the Sura will not be able to move or use items for a duration of ~2.5 seconds (this is the time the skill needs to apply the combo). This drawback (not being able to use healing items or move for 2.5 seconds) seems to be one of the reasons (at least for official server conditions) why this skill was made so powerful with a small cooldown of only 4 seconds. As far as our server conditions are concerned, the drawback is not that significant since 2.5 seconds are hardly a threat to 800k - 1.5m HP Suras. I hereby suggest to initially release this skill with an increase of its CD to 12 seconds (instead of 4) and an ATK bonus of +50 at max level 5 (instead of +120) owing to the powerful nature of this skill and its unpredicatble damage capacities on a high rate server.

Guillotine Cross (Dark Claw, ID: 5001):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill deals 500% Damage to a single target and applies a debuff that causes it to receive 150% additional damage from short-range physical attacks for 5 seconds. It is on a 60 seconds cooldown. More than the initial damage that this skill inflicts on its target, this skill is meant to give the GX a 5 second window in which he can deal 150% extra damage with his short-range abilities (for example Cross Impact or Sonic Blow) in order to inflict serious damage to his opponent. While this skill provides the ideal opportunity for beginners to compete with stronger players (just as the new skills of Warlocks or Rangers do) it must still be seen in the light of the abundant high-end equipped characters that constitute the majority of GRO. I therefore suggest to initially release this skill with a reduced debuff that increases damage received by 90% at max level 5 (which it currently does at level 3 or make it only available up to level 3) and observe its impact on WOE / PVP.

Shadow Chaser (Escape, ID: 5010):

Working?: This skill places a trap (Ankle Snare, ID: 117) on the ground and causes the character to backslide. However, Royal Guard's skill Trample (ID: 2309) as well as the Shadow Chaser's own skill Remove Trap (ID: 124) don't work on the trap placed by this skill although both skills (Trample + Remove Trap) work on Ankle Snares placed by Rangers. Moreover, Ranger's Spring Trap (ID: 131) skill works on the trap placed by this skill. Hence, I conclude that this trap is supposed to be recognizable and removable by skills that remove traps. It does not seem to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill does not seem to be either overpowered or very weak. However, Trample and Remove Trap should be fixed (or this skill should be fixed) so that the trap placed by it is affected by them.

Universal 3rd Class Skill (Full Throttle, ID: 5014):

Working?: Appears to be working as intended.

Balance?: This skill is a universal skill that is shared by all 3rd classes in addition to the new skills mentioned above. This skill, upon activation, fully restores the caster's HP and SP, increases his base stats by 20%, increases his movement speed and causes him to lose 1% SP per second at max level (5). These effects last for 30 seconds and the skill itself is on a very long (and justified) cooldown of 30 minutes. Additionally, the skill will cause the Rebound status after the effect duration ends (movement speed is lowered by 25%, HP/SP regeneration is disabled and the user displays the emote /swt every 2 seconds) which lasts 10 seconds. As I see it, this skill is meant to be used either as a last resort when facing death or as an additional tool to guarantee a successful raid on or defense of a castle (or to simply boost your damage for 30 seconds). If some adjustments are made, this skill is the perfect addition to WOE fights as it is shared by all 3rd classes (and it therefore comes down to the correct use / timing). Moreover, the fact that it is on a 30 minutes cooldown means that it has to be used wisely during WOE (as players would at best be able to use it ~4 times during the two hours of WOE). I hereby suggest that the cooldown is set to 50 minutes (180000 seconds). This change should lower its overall impact sufficiently and emphasize its strategic use (especially during WOE).

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Released several patches

- Fixed öäü special sign issue

- Fixed missing textures on colosseum map

- Fixed missing translation on some items

- Fixed baby dragon hat error

- Fixed Royal Criatura Academy Quest Error caused by card illustrations

- Added missing novice academy picture translations for navigation system

- Added new manner system to prevent swearing and advertising

- a few other small improvements

- Fixed missing kafra illustration in althea

- Fixed missing colosseum minimap

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Sorry for posting late.

  • Hopping Filir hat effects does not work. Has been removed years ago because it was OP due a bug
  • althea 138 241 - npc (click it when married / if not married its working fine) Cannot reproduce there's no npc at that location
  • Bacsojin Egg works - Some eggs gets broken with hatch or incubator. (The red text like weapon being broken. Needed to relog to get the egg back to inventory) Cannot reproduce

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This list will be updated.

So far we found:


Gro station, ammunition shop, doesn't allow Rebelion to buy ammo. fixed

- NO grenade lauchers can be ekiped at all. Cannot reproduce, make sure you don't have wrong ammunition equipped. A new patch will change the error message so it's more clear what's wrong

- Tempest Gatling gun doesn't take -25 HIT, adds HIT, instead; Same with Peace Breaker Shotgun.

- Rebellion using daggers causes sprite errors.

- Altair & Ares doesn't take -10% aspd.

- Color Scope gives around +50HIT, and only +1 CRIT(Original is HIT+20, and CRIT+20)

- R.A.G.203 gives -10HIT, and only +1 CRIT(Original is HIT+10, and CRIT+15)

- Rolling Thunder gives +20HIT. (Original is -10)

- NPC's inside the Gunslinger Branch in Einbroch doesn't allow Rebellions to buy items.

Sissney, some of these differences can be accounted for by the fact that Gunslingers have the passive skills Single Action which adds 20 Hit and 5% ASPD and Snake Eyes which adds 10 Hit when a Gun is equipped. That's why sometimes the HIT gain / loss is different from what the weapon lists since you get +30 hit from the passives once you equip any gun. Regarding ASPD, there is the already mentioned 5% increase from Single Action but Altair & Ares should still reduce your ASPD by 5% (as their effect lists 10%). The critical values also still seem to be faulty, though.

And to add: R.A.G. 203 (ID: 13190) is casting Level 1 Decrease Agility on your own character + it has a very high chance (this is extremely messed up as it is supposed to cast it on the enemy by a low chance).

P.S.: Just found out that Holding ALT and then Right clicking items while your storage / gstorage is open will put them in your storage and vice versa when you hold ALT and right click items in your storage. Pretty neat feature (storing and taking out of storage will be a lot faster)

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The open Beta is over, as stated int the news it has only been extended to the 21.February.

I will be still working on the test server, that's also the reason why with the latest update i've implemented further issues came up. This also includes the patcher update system.

To keep you up to date

There are still major things that need to be done:
- Reversing Palette Protection System for cloth/hair colors **** you Kamishi. Finished

- Patcher System currently unstable, still in collaboration with the Creator to get all the bugs fixed with his latest release Finished, Big File Patch issue fixed and stable now

- The latest updates i've implemented are causing yet again client connection issues Fixed

- A lot of smaller bug fixes ahead

- A lot of new issues in combination with new systems and npcs which need to be solved first

I'm working hard to reach a really stable release, i don't want to release an unfinished update.

That would only cause further damage.

The Open Beta has been released to find all/most major issues, it never meant that the release is imminent.

It will be released when i'm finished. There's no specific release date as i'm dependent on other people and as i'm not able to tell you how long it's going to take me to get everything fixed.

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We're getting close to a release.
All major bugs have been fixed. Client seems to be stable.

So stay tuned on our official news

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Customized, fixed and finished the whole and new Novice Academy, so we have a clean start for beginners and everyone who's interested into learning some more.

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Fixed the missing/broken animation of our custom 3d models

(floating emperium fragments in WoE Core map and palm trees and awning on colosseum map)

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- Patched missing Rebellion Cloth Colors

Skill Balancings:

- Fire Expansion fixed lvl3 effect

- Siren's Voice modified skill formula to mimic official success and duration rates

- Rage Burst nerfed (skill formula fits now our customizations)

- Inspiration increased hp/sp loss

- Kings Grace decreased HP recovery rate and increased cooldown

- Telekinesis Intense reduced Magic Dmg Bonus

- Offertorium reduced Heal Power Bonus and increased SP costs

- Frigg's Song reduced Max HP Bonus

- Flash Combo reduced dmg and increased cooldown

- Dark Claw reduced the damage increase effect

- Unlimit reduced the ranged damage increase effect

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- Cleanup of all patch files and reduzed file sizes as a few people are still having issues patching them even with the latest Patcher Version.

- Reported some more bugs to rAthena, so they will be fixed later on.

Skill Balancings:

- Shield Spell decreased amount of HP healed

- Frigg's Song increased amount of HP healed by each second

- Rapid Shower slightly reduced after cast delay

Healing Skills related changes:

This was a really hard task and took us hours to work it out.
To give Priest classes the opportunity to use different headgears than Pimp/Luxury Hat or Prism effect #4, these headgear effects have been nerfed.

The following healing skills have been adapted to compensate the missing headgear bonus, so you will be able to heal even more than before, however without relying on the mentioned headgears.

- Highness Heal increased healing power

- Offertorium has been adapted

This means that Highness Heal while having a short cooldown, will now be more effective than the old Heal skill.
Heal skill itself won't be as effective anymore, as the headgear effects have been highly reduced.

While Offertorium offers you a great Healing Power Multiplier, all skills will also cost you much more SP.

This will bring your SP back to your daily debut, as you might run out of it while spamming Buffs and Heals, if you're not taking enough attention.

As this is might be a bigger change to "your favourite" class, we will be awaiting your feedback upon the update release.

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Fixed Report #27

- FAW Silver Sniper: Fixed max limit of 2, now properly attacks enemies

- FAW Magic Decoy: Fixed and adjusted skill description

- Consumption of Green live and so on... have been replaced with

Scarlet Point, Indigo Point, Yellow Wish Point, Lime Green Point

FAW Removal / Divest FAW Fixed and reported to rAthena

- Reduced Mechanic related gear and tool shop prices to official in our gRO Station.

- Added new/more Mechanic job related items to the Althea Tool Shop

- Madness Canceller fully working Report#299

- Reject Sword fully working Report#283

- Electric Shock found the issue, has been fixed Report#253

- HP Recovery (Swordman) reduced hp increase if being healed by Potion Pitcher
- Potion Pitcher rebalanced healing amount
- Alchemist Soul Link effect has been reduced on Potion Pitcher ( was crazy OP on test server )

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Skill Balancings:
Another few hours went into skill balancing today

- Heal increased base heal power

- Arch Bishop Class Further Healing changes/re-touches

- Dragon Breath lowered dmg as the new Water skill changes it's effectiveness

- Dragon Breath Water rebalanced with Dragon Breath

- Magma Eruption decreased Burning Effect duration

- Tiger Cannon reduced SP drain on enemy

Several other bugs have been reported to rAthena and have already been confirmed by them.
So there should be more official fixes coming up.

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Skill Balancings:

- Re-enabled the blocked Midnight Frenzy Homunculus skill

- Major rebalancings with Flash Combo and Tiger Cannon
- Tiger Cannon reduced HP costs on Caster
Balanced a few new cards Gioia, Elvira, Wakwak, Menblatt, Cenere and Antique Book Card
Done several preperations for the new Full Client

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- @security has just been fixed. Will no more delete your items if you put something into the guild storage.
So the command will be re-enabled with this update!

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