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News from the development department ;)

The Beta Test Server was a great experience.
With the help of our Beta Testers and the collaboration with other developers, i was able to fix quite a lot of bugs beforehand.


At the current state, it's a really stable environment and is daily getting closer to a release.
To offer you a great experience on day 1, i'm currently working on some major rebalancing of skills. This is mainly required because of the new skills which will be available with this patch. However i'm also listening to your feedback on our current balance issues.

This isn't just a simple interface update, it's a really comprehensive update of the entire game.
So you can expect a lot of bug fixes and new and great features.

If you're interested into more details on the progress itself, checkout the beta feedback thread as i'm updating it frequently. [link]

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The new bank system is the most convenient game feature ever. You'll love it guys.

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Take note of the damages. If your update will include the latest cards well some skill could do super fast kill...
It will make the battle faster.

there are so many damage card thats not implimented yet. so please take not of this. and so as the skills and items that didnt work.

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