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Gale Windscar

Genetic Skills


Disclaimer: All of these are based on my observation and research done along with some assumptions. In by no means do I claim that they are 100% accurate since I don't have internal access to our server and I would be more than thankful if you point out mistakes that I may have made.

Genetic is one of the most underplayed 3rd job of all, along with Mechanic and Wanderer.

And why is that? One major factor that comes in to mind is that because in most cases - the investment isn't worth the rewards.

I'll break this post into 3 parts. Bug Report, Suggestions and Other.


Bug Report:

1. Fire Expansion fixed

[Level 3]

Becomes Purple Gas

Reduces ranged damage by 50% and melee damage by 15%

Increases flee rate by 20%.

This is the initial damage


This is the damage with Fire Expansion [Level 3]


As you can see the reduction that the skill should give does not register at all.

This is kinda weird since all other levels of Fire Expansion is working flawlessly.

2. Lava Slide Working, hom lvl simply to low, level up to 250

Dieter sprays Lava on the ground, dealing Fire-element damage and by chance inflicting Burning status on targets within the AoE every 2 seconds.

I don't know why but this skill isn't hitting and burning players properly but works flawlessly against monsters, needs further testing though.

I would appreciate if you could look inside this skill.


3. Hopping Filir Fixed

The item has no script as of now, though I know that Nico is working on this.




I have said that the rewards isn't worth the investment (in most cases, at least).

All Genetic skills require a catalyst or an ammo to be used; some are cheap but some are not. Nevertheless these things require zeny and time to make which makes Genetic one of the most expensive classes to play (excluding equipment costs). The problem is that most of these skills perform sub-par - you're literally throwing zeny at your opponents with the likes of Hell's Plant, Spore Explosion, Item Sling, etc.

A concrete proof is that most of the frequently used skills of Genetics come from the Biochemist tree - Potion Pitcher, Slim Potion Pitcher, Full Chemical Protection and Acid Demonstration. Might I note that one Acid Demonstration costs approximately 50-60k each use?

Well, there are Genetic skills that are useful in their own merit. Namely, Howling of Mandragora (still Godlike, but is easier to resist now), Cart Boost, Thorn Trap, Wall of Thorns, Cart Cannon (in a way) and Blood Sucker (hooray for the latest buff).

But let's take a look at some other skills that we have at our disposal:

1. Hell's Plant

Buries a cannibal plant in a targeted location, which will inflict damage in contact. It has a chance of leaving the affected enemy stunned and bleeding for 20 seconds


This is the formula (on iRO) but I don't know what we use. Actually the damage is pseudo-fixed and is not affected by equips so never mind the equipment window. The AB I was testing on has just regular reductions - WoE Set, Thara and Noxious. Might I just add that in WoE this skill deals only 50% damage, isn't stackable and is forced neutral. It requires a Plant Bottle which is quite cheap (fortunately).

Damage = [{(Skill_Lv x Base_Lv) x 10} + {(INT x 7) ÷ 2} x {18 + (JobLv ÷ 4 )}] x [5 ÷ (10 − Summon_Flora_Lv)]

2. Demonic Fire

Throws a bottle of flammable liquid liquid at a targeted location that will continually inflict Fire property magic damage to all enemies within its area of effect. It has a chance of leaving enemies burning. This skill can be followed up with Fire Expansion on top of this skill and each cast consumes a Bottle Grenade.


At level 5 it deals a measly 210% MATK which is reducible with MDEF and other equipment (I am not sure how these factors affect but seeing the lackluster damage on my AB, it's quite disappointing). If you follow it up with Fire Expansion [Level 1], it is extended for 10 seconds and magic damage is increased additively by [iNT + Job_Lv]%.

In this example I was using a +10 Red Ether Bag, one of the best options to increase MATK for Genetics, it also boosts Demonic Fire damage by 20% and 2% every refine rate after 6, but even with a Glorious Set S on, I was dealing 172 damage on my mid-geared AB not to mention it has a 5 second cooldown - not really that Demonic, eh?

Still, the burn chance works neatly but more damage to punish those people stupid enough to stand in the AoE would be great.

Let us compare this to the infamous Dragon's Breath skill of Rune Knights


Hmm? A naked RK with mediocre stats hitting harder than the fire from Hell. Now Dragon Breath has lower chance of burning but it is also AoE and is spammable. Don't take me wrong, I'm not complaining about Dragon's Breath but about Demonic Fire.

3. Spore Explosion

Attaches an explosive spore onto a target which causes an explosion afterwards, inflicting physical damage to all enemies around the target. Each cast consumes a Bomb Mushroom Spore.


For testing purposes I have maxed Str (for ATK) and Int (for the Modifier) and used a +12 NSBR for the high ATK. The formula (again based on iRO, correct me if we use a different one in our server). I might say that the damage is not too shabby for a 11x11 AoE skill compared to the first 2 that I mentioned but it is still outclassed by many 3rd job skills that requires little investment.

Damage (ATK) = [base_Damage + (INT + 200) × Base_Lv ÷ 100]%

4. Cart Cannon

Fires a Cannon Ball at a single target from the pushcart to inflict ranged physical damage to all enemies around the target. This skill ignores the acurracy check and its damage is greatly affected by Cart Remodeling. (Formula is from iRO again)

Damage (ATK) = [base_Damage + {(Cart_Remodeling_Lv × 50) × (INT ÷ 40)}]%

Cart Cannon is one of my favorite skills as a Genetic, it's fine now but still pales in comparison to other 3rd job skills. *Ahem* *Soul Expansion* *Ahem*

I'm not sure if it deserves to be changed because it might be overpowered. I'll be just leaving this here for reference.

So far those are the skills that caught my eye. Now, let's talk about what I mean when I say investment.

Aside from the catalyst that the Genetic has to make/buy/hunt and carry, he has to invest stat points into Str and Int to do damage effectively since the formulas for Cart Cannon, Hell's Plant and Spore Explosion are all ATK based but are modified by INT. Not to mention that the skills that has the highest damage potential are all forced neutral and is easy to counter if you don't know what you are doing, though I have no complaint in this issue. The bottom line of what I want to say is that with all these investments, Genetics still perform sub-par compared to other classes. I know that Genetics are hard to kill with their Godlike healing prowess and mobility but most Genetics struggle from protecting himself not to mention the low HP mod. Full Support Biochemists Genetics are awesome but given these offensive skills, I believe that they should be given more choices of play styles and builds so that the experience may not be anti-fun.

Here are other suggestions:

5. Homuculus

Homunculi are a huge part of a Alchemist/Biochemist/Genetic's play style, but it seems our little friends were forgotten. I believe that these critters should be buffed and scaled to our level. Even just a boost in HP would be nice so that they are not 1 hit by almost anything and becomes entirely useless in PvP or WoE. Please make sure to test homunculus s better, as you were not even aware that you can level them up to 250. Homunculus have been boosted a long time ago and are quite strong.

6. Hopping Filir

Long ago, this headgear gave a boost to a Genetic's pitching prowess in exchange to all damaging potential but is now currently unscripted. Though playing without one doesn't seem to affect much even as a support Genetic since Potion Pitch is still good without it unlike an Archbishop's Heal without Lux/Pimp/Prism4. Maybe make the boost just like the boost Soul Link so that it can remove the reliance on Linkers. I am worried that a huge boost would make Potion Pitch overpowered. A slight boost to Slim Potion Pitch sounds good. And as for the drawback, I am not entirely sure since Lux/Pimp/Prism4 does not penalize the user at all. Another suggestion I have is to add another Prism with the effect of Hopping Filir, just like Prism4. We've recreated a similiar Hopping Filir effect

7. Weight and Price

Another bane of Genetics is the weight limit especially now that gym passes are expensive (I bought 1 for 70 vote points and I instantly regretted it). We have a cart and Enlarge Weight Limit but there are times that you will just wish that you have a larger weight limit with all those potions, bottles, ammo, bombs and catalysts - which you need to be able to do anything at all. Nothing is worse than stopping mid-pitch because you ran out of potions in a dire situation and you need to open your cart or storage to re-supply. Maybe cutting some weight of the items especially those heavy potions. It also strips Genetics of their natural regeneration most of the time.

Some of the prices of the items in the Alchemy Shop is fine, but it starts to hurt when you buy and make things in bulk. I approximately spend 5-10m+ per WoE just for limited and minimal supplies. I think it's unfair that a class' effectiveness and efficiency to use skills is barred by a financial barrier. Maybe cutting some of the prices a bit? Especially when all your skills needs something and you're a sitting duck without supplies - and most of these skills are even lackluster.

These two are more of convenience issues.

I do not intend to make Genetic overpowered with these suggestions, only re-balanced/re-worked so that they may not be standard walking potion pitching machines with FCP and Acid Demonstration and bring more to the table.



Let me just put these here since I'm too lazy to make another thread.

1. Ceromain Soup Works on test server, however stat window doesn't show changes to ASPD (which is normal)

Does not give any ASPD bonus:






2. Vellum Bible Nerfed a long time ago

Current script is different from the in-game description. Most Vellum Weapons have been nerfed a long time ago and are with that custom, yet the description is missing. Vellum Weapons might require some bigger changes in the future

Does not remove re-use delay


Our database




3. Highness Heal Quite big changes on Arch Bishops Healing abilities

I find it weird that all healing skills - Heal, Coluseo Heal, and Sanctuary interacts with Lux.Pimp/Prism4 but not with Highness Heal.
I can't seem to remember if it has always been this way, but as things are right now, this makes Highness Heal obsolete.

Changed quite a lot of how you're going to heal in the future.

Edit: Upon checking Lux/Pimp's script, it seems it specifically boosts Heal (Skill ID# 28) by 850% and does not affect Sanctuary.

Coluseo is simply a Heal that is applied on all party members so that's why it is affected by it. As for Highness, it only uses the formula of heal plus a modifier but is entirely a different skill. Thus, not getting the boost.

I still stand that this makes Highness Heal obsolete. Has been taken care of


I would highly appreciate if you could look into these things and take my suggestions into consideration.

Thank you GM Team for a job well done for all these years.

Edit 1: Fixed a lot of grammatical errors. I was half asleep when I wrote this, sorry.

Edited by Everade

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+1 all above statement especially about FIre expansion & Hopping Fillir. Kindly, Please take a look little closer.

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I will take a closer look at it, but after reading through, here's my first answer:

- ASPD and other attribute changes affected by items or gears are not always shown in the stats window.

- Please make sure to use the renewal and not pre-renewal database if you're checking on ratemyserver.

- Vellum Gear effects are still not finished by rAthena and may differ quite a lot form their actual item description and/or official behaviour.

- Hopping Filir effect has been removed a long time ago due a bug which made it quite overpowered.

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Ceromain Soup
- The thing is, before I went to hiatus, Ceromain Soup's ASPD bonus shows in the stats window just fine. Also, now it heals for a certain amount of HP which it should not as per the in-game description.

Vellum Bible

- I'm sorry it was a mistake on my part, but I checked the renewal database and it is the same. Nevertheless I will update the image on my post.

Hopping Filir

- I did not know this, maybe it was on the span of my hiatus, thanks for informing me.

Added a section about Highness Heal.

Thank you for taking your time to read my post.

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i hope in future there's more Genetic in offensive like back then not just for Fcp & Healing Slave.

Thanks for all Hardwork especially GM Team.

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Hey there wink.png

Homunculus Status
0-3= Hate with a passion
4-10 = Hate
11-100 = Awkward
101-250 = Shy
251-750 = Neutral
751-910 = Cordial
911-1000 = Loyal

The status of your homunculus must be loyal to evolve it!

Friendly rate is increased by a multiplier x5.
So it's five times faster than on official.

AFK leveling does not work.

Homunculus Max level is 150
Homunculus S Max Level is 250

I thought so too but apparently Homunculus S can go up to 250.

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Just tested Enrich Celermine Juice.

I have tested it on the test server and it properly increases your ASPD. Not sure how it's on the live server, but it will work anways upon release of the update

Fixed / Recreated Hopping Filir Effect

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Just tested Enrich Celermine Juice.

I have tested it on the test server and it properly increases your ASPD. Not sure how it's on the live server, but it will work anways upon release of the update

Fixed / Recreated Hopping Filir Effect

Thanks Everade!

Celermine Juice

- I just checked Celermine Juice on a different character with lower ASPD and it does increase it. However, in a high ASPD character, there is no change, maybe because of how minuscule the increase is. But I confirmed it's working as you have said.

Hopping Filir / Highness Heal

- Is this for the next update?

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All changes are for the next update.
We're really getting close to a release, so working on the live server with such a different source code (much older) would only cause a huge delay to the actual update.

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Tested Lava Slide with the following conclusion:

Homunculus lvl 150 is simply too low, so it's not strong enough, which equals players to simply be immune against it.

Homunculus lvl 250 Lava Slide works really great as players can't reach immunity against it with full stats.

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