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We've just implemented a possible fix for the map server crashes we were experiencing during our WoE hours.

The development progress on the other hand is doing really great progress.
We've been doing daily class balancings and are looking forward to your feedback ones you will be able to test these out.
On our odyssey through the core of PvP, we've made small, up to really big tweaks on all classes.

We've also encountered quite a lot and really old bugs which were still not fixed by rAthena.
So all of these have been directly reported to the development team of our emulator, while most of it has already been confirmed, a few of them are already fixed!

A new FullClient is now in the makings and should be available for pre-download until the beginning of April.

Please note:
Re-Downloading the Full Client will NOT be required upon release of this update.
I've done my best to create a set of patches, which means you will be able to download this extensive update simply through the gRO Patcher as you're used to.

However these set of patches will have about the same size in total as the new Full Client itself. So you might prefer to re-install GatheringRO completly.
A fresh installation will for sure save some hard disk space and prevent patching corruption of your files.
Our beta testers which had a slower internet connection were also having issues to get their gRO patches installed properly.
So we highly recommend to these people that they re-download the new Full Client over torrent, as it provides facilities to verify the integrity of a file as it's being downloaded.

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