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Tare Panda

The Update Is Not Optimal


I think the update you have done is not optimal

- BG Weapon, cannot be stored, why not???? I wrong klicked one weapon, and now i neither i can use it nor store it, just stuck in my char.

- Rata Card cant be used for lower headgear. If you think it is OP, then you have to fix it, so that the people who have use it before the rule. cant use it now either. Not only for the player who decard it from the headgear. that is unfair.

- Abracadabra: The ???? between Monocell and Death, nothing more. that sucks. I dont think this fixed. It is just linke before the update

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- Item Restriction Update is currently in the makings.
The current restrictions are official, if you're experiencing issues with specific items, please let us know right here:

- We don't think it's Overpowered. However even having slots on lower headgears is custom. Official servers don't have slots on lower headgears.
Having old players which still have the card compounded on lower headgears however is a problem and should be addressed.

- Need more details on what exactly you're talking about on the Abracadabra. I don't get what you exactly mean.

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