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Gale Windscar

Unstable Client?


I don't how this actually occurs but there are times where my client doesn't work properly.
After I press the 'Play' the .exe does not run and nothing happens, I also tried bypassing the patcher and running the .exe itself but it also does not run.

What is weird is sometimes it is working flawlessly. The things that I did that made it work is restarting my PC and reinstalling gRO itself. Idk if the problem is on my PC.

This was the case of my friend's client before update but he was unable to fix it even with re-installing it, though he hasn't tried installing the new client.

Has anyone encountered this before?

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Directly starting the GatheringRO.exe won't work.

And if you try bypassing the Patcher... just don't.

There's a reason you can't start the game directly.

Because this way we can assure that every player is always fully up to date with the latest client side updates.

And if you start the patcher as administrator, that doesn't mean that the patcher will start the game with administrator settings.

In the end, starting anything via administrator rights should NOT be required.

This new client is actually quite a big of a change to the last one.

Also anti Virus Software should no longer detect gRO nor the patcher as a false positive
However that doesn't mean that your anti virus software doesn't monitor the game anymore.
There are tons of anti virus software which monitor your system all the time, so the game will always be scanned.

So this can still cause issues. But from our side the client can't become any more anti virus software friendly anymore.
It also requires less ressources

If the game runs fine after a re-installation and later on not anymore.
I suggest checking the game settings as it might be simply connected to the Graphics Device settings.

More details here:

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