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Adventure Guild V2.0

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I'm happy to announce that the Adventure Guild recieved another big update!
This should be the last big change on our system, which should make it even more attractive.
So if you've never had enough time on your hands, take a look at our latest changes.

- Instead of having to finish 10 Quests for each Rank (C,B,A) to reach the next one, it has been reduced to 5 Quests only!
This means that you're able to reach Rank S and your desired Coupon version much faster.
After Rank S, you will recieve an extra set of C to A quests ~ for the dedicated Adventurers!

So you will now proceed with the Ranks as follows:
Rank C-B-A-S-C-B-A
Amount 5-5-5-1-5-5-5

By reaching and finishing rank S, you will already have been rewarded with 10x Coupon C,B and A including over 70m Zeny.

- Removed several hard/impossible difficulty Item and Monster requests
- Removed several hard difficulty MVP requests
- Dialog improvements and better ingame information on how it works
- Falmira now shows emotion bubbles when finishing a quest

Other Updates
- Fixed Belphegor Event Apple Item drops
- Fixed Leprechaun Quest item drop from Savage monster
- Fixed Poring Realm quest. The Poring Fan now properly checks for Goldring Card
- Removed Colosseum Map from the PvP list, which will be used as Game Master Event map instead

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