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Bug Fixes

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- Fixed Custom Hairstyle not showing up
- Item Restriction Update which is the first in a series of upcoming patches
- Most player stats which were affected by the Hypnotizer bug have already been fixed. A final fix which will approve the stats points of every character is in the makings and will be released as soon as we're 100% sure it's save to use.

- Fixed Rainbowring Rucksack class requirement
- More Quest fixes related to the vast changes on our custom item IDs
-- Fixed Dating Quest asking for Dark Lord Helm rather than coupons
-- Fixed Slot Enchanter asking for non existant items

- Loading Screen Event winners will be rewarded with more prizes and a special Forum Award
- Forum now supports ingame emoticons!

Adventure Guild
- Removed several hard/impossible difficulty Item and Monster requests
This should have been about all of them as it has been checked through multiple times by different people.
If you're still encountering way too hard or even impossible quests, please let us know. Some smaller changes/updates on the system will follow soon.

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