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Skill Balancings & Updates

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Time Limited Item Restriction:
- All battleground rewards trading restrictions have been lifted for 1 Week only!
Make sure you move your battleground gear to your main account before 08.05.2016

WoE Updates
- Treasure Chest rewards overhaul (WoE First and Second Edition)
This is another part of our new reward system which shall reward the players better
You get now mainly boxed items, more information about restrictions below!

Item Restriction Updates
- To get the item restrictions better managed in the future we've started an entire item restriction overhaul
These changes will be partly implemented over time and should benefit both, server and players
- Boxed items are now mainly fully tradeable. Ones opened, premium consumables become account bound
- Most important item restrictions have already been lifted, more changes will follow

Skills Updates

- Meteor Storm fixed so it triggers properly (includes card effects)
Minstrel & Wanderer
- Deep Sleep duration increased (Duration reduction based on INT and Baselvl has been reduced)
- Circle of Nature SP consumption has been reduced
- Windmill Rush cast time reduced to prevent a bug which negiates skill cooldown of other skills
- Rapid Shower decreased After-Cast-Delay
- Desperado decreased After-Cast-Delay
- Ground Drift increased damage
Rune Knight
- Ignition Break slightly increased damage
- Dragon Breath Water freezing effect duration decreased
- Diamond Dust freezing effect duration slightly decreased
- Vacuum Extreme durations have been modified so it's actually possible to escape if it's being spammed
- Tiger Cannon increased normal and combo damage
- Tiger Cannon reduced SP drain
- Heal increased healing power
Royal Guard
- Shield Spell lvl3 increased healing power

Other Updates
- Fixed all rucksack gear related class requirement bugs
- Mithril Crystal Quest requirements have been adapted to reduce the need for Mithrils
- Fixed several dynamic quest events which used a specific item drop command which was broken. (Belphegor Event, Cat Helm Quest where Moonlight Flower drops Cat Paws...)
- Skill description updates/changes/fixes
- Item description updates/changes/fixes
- Re-implement our custom Brysingamen, Mjolnir and Doppelganger Card effects

Adventure Guild
- S Quest requests have been reduced to 1 Boss Monster at max
- A few smaller improvements on monster and item requests

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