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My Suggestion For Helping This Server Up..


HI all, first sory my writing this is very sucks /hmm/hmm/hmm/hmm/hmm/hmm/hmm/hmm/hmm/hmm

... ok, to the point....

i think i have a solution to make this server up... First, Donating can maintain the server always on....Yeah, its Really cool you can get MVP from there, you can get any Headgear from there, but still lack of people who play in this server. ( and you must log in first and then you just know if donating can make your server up).. So, how can this server up? yes, make they want to play in this server again OR make a new people think that they realy realy need to play this server.... WHY?? Because more people play this server, more donate that they can do for this server, so this server can growth easily and get more fun..

OK... SO...the question is... HOW? (am i right?)

Yeah the answer is... IMAGINE This GRO are a Company, in company there always have a division that capable to growth this comapny just by his / her hand... Yes, that one Marketing Strategy Division [ Social media relationship ] they can growth the company just by social media, and right now Social Media is Very important think in people's life.. ok, example is my company who based on media platform. My company always use that Social Media to make other peoples or i can say it Consumer think that they needs my product, so they make a champaigns, or event, etc. And just in one social media we can growth our company for 30-45 % every 6 month, and its FREE OF CHARGE, and its can handle just by your gadget, and you update it everyday,every time, every where.... Imagine this impact goes to this server... Example [ and i already learn and research it just for this server] Using Instagram for this server that related to the website, in game, and also out game( social live,or etc)... You can use the Instagram, to inform the people about maintenance program, to inform the date of event (in game event / out game event)...[ What i mean out game event?? yeah you just make an event like Gathering all GRO Gamers in your country and take a selfie(using hashtag), OR you can use your event like "loading screen event" to Instagram, ]....Who country that have many player that take a selfie Will win this event, to inform that you can donating and what previlage about donating, to inform you that you can get prize from Voting this Server, etc... The impact of using this social Media are People who doesnt know this server will know this server information.Then they will curious with this server and starting to install and playing this game.. AND FYI... just a few Server using this social media (very few of them, i already research it)... TRUST me it Works.... /gg/gg/gg/gg

Sorry if my english is not realy good,


Best Regards,


IGN: Gonzaga

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Lack of Capable Staff~

Thats all reason.

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HMM... i think... this social media can handle just by your hand...every where, every time... just click and post...net really hard to do...just preparing a media content for a week...and than you can do it just by auto program that can post it automaticly

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