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New Instance

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It would be GREAT to implement this new instances to our game because of the rewards that it gives.

1. Sara's Memory

2. Faceworm Nest

3. Devil's Tower

4. Geffen Magic Tournament

5. Ghost Palace

6. Nightmarish Jitterbug

7. Isle of Bios

8. Morse's Cave

9. Temple of Demon God


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I understand your wish for the awaiting rewards from the latest instances.
However rAthena did not release them as of yet.

Some of them might be available as custom scripts which are being privately sold.
So it would need quite some effort to implement them to the server (price isn't the issue, however the unofficial script)

As we're currently developing new content behind closed doors, we're kinda busy right now.
We're putting all our effort into some new stuff which you can look forward to.
We may release a teaser soon, we will see /slur

The instances will come for sure, sooner or later.

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