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State Of The Game

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We've been working hard during the past months.
Getting the game back to a state where it's not just simply up to date, but also offering much more end-game content and a much better overall experience. Yes... we've been listening and working ourselfs through old and new bug reports and tons of suggestions. Tested ourselfs through the core of PvP and designed new and fresh content for you to explore.

And there's still more to come.

The War of Emperium reward system is one of the most ambitious projects we've ever made and has become way more complex than initialy planned.

Several tweaks have been made since it's initial release while we're still further developing the algorithms which are running in the background as you're enjoying the big war. With that we've also just introduced a new beginner friendly handicap system which helps unexperienced players to have a much more pleasant experience. This should reduce the big gap between the pros and beginners and offer much more joy to the entire community by fighting as an even bigger team within your guilds.

Also WoE Second Edition has increased in player count by tremendous bounds.
The success is beyond our expectations!

It's great to see a simple, yet so complex idea to finally have found it's way into the game.
But nothing feels better than seeying how the community enjoys what we've created just for you.

Thank you!

We would be honored to read your personal review about us.

- Lower Headgear Socket Enchanter Marybelle has been fixed
- Weapon/Armor Slot Enchanter Gerard has been fixed
- WoE Reward system fixes/improvements
- Increased chances of claiming a rare treasure chest from Baldr (WoE Reward)
- Fixed Treasure Chest drop chances

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OMG! WoE 2 was so much fun earlier! Thanks Everade! /no1

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