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Woe Emperium Fragments Reward?


Good day!

How does the reward contributes?

Because i try to use minstrel and Ab last time,

My minstrel is just a support type so does the AB,

My reward to minstrel is 1 fragment

And to my Ab has none after woe ends.

Anyway, im just curious tho im enjoying woe right now but that rewards tho.

Thank you 😂

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I would also like to know if the amount of kills/deaths, guardian damage dealt and emperium d. d. affects the chance of getting an Emperium Weapon Box like I did.

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1 fragment usualy means you haven't achieved more or less nothing.

If you're playing AB or other support classes, the system also rewards you according to helping your buddies with buffs and healings.

Yet it's not limited to it.
Your kills and everything else is counted as well.

As soon as your contribution in WoE reached a specific point, you will also get an additional reward of 10 fragments.

Please note that being afk / waiting for enemies / standing in the background watching others won't reward you in any way.

The system works based on your actual actions you've made during the entire war. Playing actively and 2 full hours with AB only... you should have reached 30~50 fragments.

So if you're ready to support your allies with healings as soon as they're low on HP

Or support them with buffs, it will contribute to gaining more fragments.

Treasure Chests:
Chances are calculated upon the amount of fragments in the pot.

If you haven't taken your fragments, and play another WoE round, your chances of gaining a chest may increase.
However taking your fragments after each WoE will be the best way to gain the most chests.

As an example:
If you've played 5 rounds WoE without taking your fragments.
You will only have 1 chance of getting a treasure chest.

If you would have taken your reward after each WoE by reaching at least 10 fragments, you would have had 5 chances of getting one.

If you've reached *legend* status by reaching 50 fragments as BASE reward (only the system can tell that for sure, you can't)
your chance will be at maximum of 10% getting a brown treasure chest.

You will have at least reached 10 fragments to start with a gaining chance of 3% which increases, the more fragments you've reached.

The golden chests however are really really rare.
Right now you can only get a golden chest if you:
- Haven't recieved a brown chest
- Gained at least 10 fragments

The system is still being improved and may change in near future.

And it doesn't matter which objectives you play.
As long as you can maximize your earnings, your chances will be increased.

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Do we get emp frags for rebuilding guardian stones and barricades too?

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