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[Suggestion] Gunslinger/rebellion Woe Emperium Weapon

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Can we add other type of GS/Rebel weapon?
Well, it's only Emperium revolver which is available for now, and as we know the effect is

Hit +5
Aspd +10%
25% long range attack

Why did I'm coloring 25% long range attack? As a GS/Rebel user, I know that effect won't give much thing for GS/Rebel compared to other emperium weapon, why? because main skill for revolver is Desperado which is Long Range Damage Bonus doesn't affect the damage of Desperado, so the bonus won't give a thing for it.
As for other skill, Rapid shower? C'mon the damage of rapid shower is almost same as normal attack, I'm even can't call it a skill.

So, I suggesting to change/add it to increase damage on enemy player/increase desperado damage by % same as emperium Bow which has increase 40% to enemy player and 20% more damage with arrow storm.

and if it's possible I would like to ask another weapon for GS/Rebel like grenade launcher/Shotgun.

Thanks for reading, hoping good feedback.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Emp. Revolver is based on the official weapon "Altair & Ares [1]". That weapon, too, only adds ranged damage. It appears the original creators of this weapon thought that Desperado shouldn't benefit from the increased DMG which is why I didn't think it wise to disagree with them.

Although our emperium weapon has an additional slot (so that Desperado can benefit from, e.g., Hydra Cards), I can still see your point. When compared with other weapons the emp. revolver effects seem unfair (again, this basically means that the original weapon is not good enough).

Nevertheless, I will conduct some internal tests and probably adjust the effects so that Rebellion who love to spam Desperado can proudly equip our custom weapon.

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I tried emperium revolver already, and the damage cant be compared with hell fire for desperado, even I put thana and hydra, still lower than hell fire, u can test it out yourself...

as for Altair & Ares [1] in official, I think it's intended for rapid shower type, which is not applicable in this server because of so low damage of rapid shower itself..

That's why I was thinking it would be better to make it based on hell fire rather than Altair & Ares itself..

Hoping shotgun and grenade launcher weapon also, so rebel has more variation on weapon.


NB: The ASPD Bonus of revolver is good tho

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Emperium Revolver will get an additional effect which boosts Desperado + Fallen Angel damage.

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