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[Suggestion] Please Remove Gioia Card And Dark Cardian Kades On Cash Shop

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Single players getting their hands on good cards doesn't make it any better.
This way more players get the chance to power up as well.

Also, depending on the impact of the card effects, we may have to apply further card balancing updates.

Bringing the cards to a broader audience also makes it easier to see the actual impact, as it's a better introduction to the game than seeing single players getting a big advantage over others.

It wasn't an easy decision.
We've made up our thoughts on the cash shop update, it's not our goal to destroy gameplay/fun.

All the latest official updates in Ragnarok are kinda *overpowered* if you look at the vast past of ragnarok itself.
They've made a big approach on much higher impacts on your build.
There's much more to come, but it takes time for us to analyse all the new content. But it's better than running into unexpected problems.

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