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More Char Slots & Survey

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Click here to take Part in our Survey, vote for new WoE 2.0 times and tell us anonymously what you always wanted to tell us.

Released another update which fixes the crash cause we've had today


- Added 3 new Char Slots for everyone!

- Complete overhaul of our Channel System

Use @channel to see all new channel related commands

Create your own chat channels which you can personalise and maintain

You can now simply whisper a channel directly join any chat

Following special channels are available

- #main, #map, #ally, #chat, #trade, #support


- Introducing our new Replay forum section

-- Share your special moments with us, or watch our official replays from big events!

-- Added .rrf file support to our forums, so you can now upload your records directly to our forums

- Updated our website item database with all latest information (updated item pictures following soon)

Server Updates

- Optimized patch search code which makes tons of monsters less cpu-time intensive

This brings great server performance optimizations

- Corrected some packet structure issues

Resolves issue while chatting using fake names given by a game master

Resolves issues related to requesting correct player data

Resolves issue were some chat messages were not being sent

- Refactored part of guild emblem validation to return correct values

- More core related updates and fixes

- Tons of item effect updates & fixes

- Major instance system improvements at it's core

- Several Old Glast Heim instance bug fixes

- Fixed Pintados Festival Event which did not end after 7 days

Adventure Guild

- Moved some Taming requests to the rare hard request list

-- Decreased chance to get a hard request on taming quests

- Overall reduced item amount on rank A requests

- Removed a few hard requests in all sections as upon player feedback

Skill Updates

- Corrected Graffiti removing all units

Graffiti will no longer remove all units of the Rogue class

Graffiti will now fail to cast again if a Graffiti already exists on the map

Graffiti should only be removed on map changes, but Remover/Cleaner still removes it since the skill was never officially implemented

- Updated Defender and Neutral Barrier reductions

Defender now reduces Acid Demonstration damage

Defender no longer reduces Throw Zeny and Rapid Throw damage

Acid Demonstration now misses on targets in Neutral Barrier

- Corrected Dispell, Clearance and Banishing Buster usage on hidden targets

When the target hides after having one of these skills casted upon them, the skill will no longer fail

- Corrected vanish damage with some physical damage statuses

Resolves Exceed Break, Spell Fist, and Giant Growth being able to do more damage with Vellum-type weapons

Optimized the battle_vanish calculations to their respective case

- Correct Aqua Benedicta interaction with Watery Evasion to match official behavior

- Added a map cell check for Shadow Leap

Resolves players being able to enter non-walkable parts of maps

- Resolved some map blocks not getting freed

Fixes Bio Explosion, Suicide Bombing, and Summon Legion not properly freeing map blocks

- Official damage calculation updates for Enchant Blade

The damage bonus is: [((SkillLv x 20) + 100) x srcBaseLevel / 150] + srcINT + srcMATK - tarMDEF - tarMDEF2

The damage bonus from base level and INT is calculated when the status change starts

The damage bonus from MATK and the reduction from MDEF/MDEF2 is calculated per hit

- Corrected weapon attack versus infinite defense

Resolves Exceed Break, Spell Fist, and Giant Growth doing extra damage to infinite defense targets

- Enchant Blade will no longer deal damage on blocked attacks (e.g. against Safety Wall and King's Grace)

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You made one of my biggest wishes for gRO come true <3


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Yassss!! I love the additional slots!

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