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Reward Of Choice

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Get yours before it's gone! [more info]

Introducing Reward Of Choice
- Custom designed just for you, so you don't have to rely on your luck anymore!
Rather than giving you a random item, now it triggers an interface so you get to choose your reward.
The following items now support Reward Of Choice
- Deluxe Pet Box
- Delicious Box
- Rare WoE Chests

If you haven't already, please take your time and take Part in our Survey, vote for new WoE 2.0 times and tell us anonymously what you always wanted to tell us.

- Added 2 days character deletion delay to prevent further abuse
- Fixed a bug that a few players owned free access to Premium Account commands without having an active membership
- Adventure Guild quest tweaks
- Lifted further item restrictions upon player report
- Fixed an error related to xmas reward boxes
- GM Castle Book Return System improvements and removed book monster drops
- Resolved 2 potential map crashes on the instance system
- Resolved a memory leak in the new channel system due autotrading players creating multiple guild chat channels at server start
- Removed redundant channel session check
- Updated Old Glast Heim instance by adding official quest entries for the instance and modified the behavior of item-giving NPCs
- Added weight check in Ring of the Wise King Quest
- Solved the issue that @ii displayed double info by correcting max_search results
- Solved issues related to @monsterinfo command
- Updated some item descriptions

Skills / WoE
- Fixed~ Reflect Damage will no longer damage Emperium
- Updated WoE Core minimap
- Fixed corrupt 3d model (round plateau below statue)
- Restricted WoE Teleport Scrolls in all battle areas to prevent abuse

- Earth Quake
-- added the missing 100% dmg increase for level 5 and higher
-- corrected the hit rate to be 2x and not 1.2x and removed the unofficial atk2 dmg increase
- Corrected Warmer's effect
-- moved the healing effect to status change timer
-- effect will now last the entire life of the unit
-- effect will now be removed when a player leaves the unit
-- corrected Cloud Kill unit flag not being applied
- Corrected Knuckle Arrow's effect
-- caster will now move beside the target, not on top of the target
-- boss monsters an knock back immune players (through items or Basilica) are not pushed and don't recieve the bonus dmg
- Fixed Phantasmic Arrow should use equipped weapon's element instead of forced neutral
- Fixed Breaker's magic portion should not be affected by element
- Fixed Rebirth Spirit not increasing stat on recast

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i was so sick of seeing that being abused -_-

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Was wondering if i could change this gorilla to Elephant D: i bought 2 eggs but this was before the update.

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Yasss! We can finally choose the pet!

Hmm Hugin's Butler, Craftsman, and Magic Master seem to be missing. Is there a different NPC where we can get the Temporal Boots from?

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