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What's Next?

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Cash Shop Summer Special only 3 days left!

I'm still working on the upcoming update.
There's much in store and still a lot left that needs to be finished.

Some existing content has been adapted, while new content is making its way into the game.
Rayleigh and me have also been working on some further balancings.

We've been reading through each individual survey entry and we thank you for your participation.
I'm happy to announce that the first requests will already be covered with this upcoming update, with more to follow.

A god quest (official) update is in the makings to not just protect your hard work, but to enhance the entire experience. A big hurray for all the people who're going to give it a try in near future.

This update will also include a first set of introducing rarity on item descriptions.
Which will be applied mostly on custom items and range from rare up to legendary.
This will help players to identify items and get a feeling for its worth.

On top of that, i've been working on a "legendary" update.
What it's about? Well you're about to see the first part of it soon ;)

To give you at least something to look at, here's a teaser of the next WoE update and a big secret:

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I knew I should have saved up those emp frags instead of spending them XD

But Yay! More WoE rewards!

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The god quests itself will not change.
So don't expect an entire new quest.

But the very core mechanic will differ.
I will be working through all the scripts ones the main idea has been finished, so i can't tell exactly what's going to change right now.

There's really a lot that i've to cover right now, so some mentioned things might not be included on the next update right away.
But should follow right after.
Thanks to the recent donations i was able to outsource a few things, which means there are things coming up which were neither planned nor expected by myself.
But that's a good thing for a good cause.

I'm pretty sure you will be extremly surprised.

It's kinda hard for me to hold everything back, as not even the GM Team is aware about it.

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Hahahahaha! Dang got jinx about the Sudri part but well its all fun and games until your seals got taken by another char/ person :D We all look forward to this mechanic as well as other updates :D

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Everade, that's incredible! I'm so excited. I hope there will be a cash shop update too? /lv/lv/lv

No Cash Shop update with this one.

But i still haven't revealed everything what's coming. /meow

But getting excited is a good thing /wink

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