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Noah's Guide To: Daily Adventure Quest

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e0g5ro.png"Daily Adventure Quest"e0g5ro.png





              Daily Adventure Quest has been always a shit to me in the past because it always asked me to do some impossible task and that's not pleasing and convenient.. But thanks to our dedicated GM Everade2noa4k.jpg, he had made it possible for new players to be attracted, be addicted and get hooked to the game. I would also thank the players who submitted their feedback regarding various request in the quest making our lives easier. Here is a quick guide for newbies and oldies alike who would want to experience this entirely new adventure in the world of Sim city I mean Gathering RO World.

                                      The Adventure quest building is located at althea 124 180


                                                                                                  The Coupon Exchanger: The Vendor


                                                              The Adventure Guild Member: Slave Master

                                 ojgutv.jpg                     vifexd.jpge0g5ro.png

            The quest is basically divided into 3 major sets [First set (rank C,B,A quest), Second set (S Quest Set) and Third Set (having rank C,B,A quest again)] and each ranked (C,B,A) has 5 quest each. Rank C which is done by killing some poor innocent wildlings in the world of ragnarok. Thanks to the updated in game feature of this quest, players can now monitor their monster kill and not like in the past wherein you have to manually tally every blameless creatures (that were just minding their daily lives) that you salvaged. Rank B which is entirely taming some cute little creatures like Orc Warrior9rqced.jpg (LMFAO), Rank A is having to harvest every essence or loots that is being dropped by those little creature that I have talked about. And Finally S Quest, finishing this quest will give you (5 coupon A,B,C and 1 Surprise Event Box10fckmh.jpg) and is done by killing some MVP. Some MVP's are just hard to kill because of the influx of MVP hunters lurking around.


Here are some tips to help you get through with it:




Rank C tipsqoeouf.jpg

1. Have a job that will most likely to eradicate an entire population of wildling in just one skill like Warlocksf4e5w1.jpg or Rangers2ibm5pi.jpg.

2. Always have the command @autoloot on because you will be grateful on doing this when your at Rank A. You may ask why do I have to do this Noah??? Well the answer to that is most of the loots that are needed at Rank A are dropped by the monsters that you killed at Rank C. It would be helpful to have your own guild to store all your Daily Adventure Quest loots to your guild storage for easy access.

3. Before you turned in your quest, always clear out items in your inventory or store them to your storage. This is to safeguard your Coupon! Because once your inventory is full and you turned in your quest, there will be no space for your coupon to be placed so it will just disappear into wonderland and bye bye Coupon R.I.P.!!!! :P

Rank B Tips2nl66c6.jpg

1. You can always buy a Universal Tamer2mcvlw5.jpg item to seduce those innocent looking bitc***. /gawi

2. When you are tasked to tame a particular pet like Poring2h5p74i.jpg, farm 10-20 Unripe Appless60rcw.jpg and use it all and store in your storage or put it on your inventory so the next time it asks for poring pet then Tadaaaaah!!!! you just have to spam Enter in your keyboard until it pops out from its place!!!

3. Some taming items can be created so refer to this site for some help on how to do it http://irowiki.org/wiki/Tame_Ingredients :D

Rank A Tips 2mf0imx.jpg

1. Read section number 2 on Rank C Tips :P

2. You can use Bubble Gums29ks8d2.jpg, have your Luck stat increased to max, wear some equipment that increases your Luck stat and consume some Foods that will increase your Luck stat e.g. Petite Tails Noodle24ypq2o.jpg to increase the drop rate of items :D

S Quest Tips

1. Bring out the MVP hunting skills in you!

2. A Convex Mirror5wy1x3.jpg would be GOLD! if your on a swarm of MVP hunters.

3. Use Royal Guards2meuyrd.jpg, Ranger or Warlock to rape MVP's much faster.

4. OPTIONAL: If your hunting some monsters in a place where an MVP is spawning and you manage to see one!, you can always leave it behind so that others that are on S Quest can benefit from it..... ENJOY!!!! /lov2/lov2/lv

This are the current rewards on the Daily Adventure Guild Shop:

I. Coupon A


                         II. Coupon B



                                           III. Coupon C



Reference: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Tame_Ingredients

Credit: Dany for those fancy screenies /thx /thx /thx

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What are the rewards given for rank A and S ?

Thanks Vio!!! /lv /lv /lv I have updated the page!! Rewards for Rank A are listed above and Rank S gives you (5 coupons A,B,C and 1 surprise Event Box)

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Great job on this guide /no1 Adventure quest is like hell for me still, haha! /ew But this guide helps and is written very nicely! /pat2/lv/lv/lv/lv/lv/meow

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Thanks Vio!!! /lv /lv /lv I have updated the page!! Rewards for Rank A are listed above and Rank S gives you (5 coupons A,B,C and 1 surprise Event Box)

Yey!! Now I feel a little bit more motivated to do this.

What happens when you complete all ranks? What comes after that? O_o

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Difficulty C-B-A-S-C-B-A
Amount 5-5 -5-1-5- 5-5

Upon finishing all 31 quests during 1 day, you won't get any further quests.

That's it.

It has been designed so that the casual player can stop at rank S if you want to. (or even earlier)
And hardcore grinders can continue with the additional C-B-A quests to reach max possible reward per day.

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Every time the server time turns 00:00, which is midnight

Use @servertime to check the time

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